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Hi everyone,

I'm Ingrid from Sydney and I was recently diagnosed with mild to mod COPD. I quit smoking back in December and use Spiriva and Ventolin daily.

Since quitting smoking I've been waiting for the moment when I actually feel better but this hasn't happened yet .... has anyone else experienced this ?

Also, everywhere online I'm reading about mucus and coughing; I occasionally cough but that is due to a chronic sinus problem and my coughs are always tickly and dry- not productive. Do others have COPD without the cough ?

Thanks in advance for your replies :)


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  • Hi Ingrid. Exercise exercise exercise. That's my advice. I have UIP and I do 40 mins aerobics and weights and did get up to 60 bike but winter (here) infection knocked me back now up to 24 mins

  • thanks for the advice Joke, don't laugh but I have an old jane fonda exercise video I have resurrected (just need someone to put it on dvd for me). I loved it (pre-kids), it was like doing a dance routine :). Hope you feel better soon !

  • Here are some videos that helped me = Learn to breath properly, NDTV (yoga): uHN Pulmonary Rehab - Daily Fitness & Exercise; and Lung Exercises-Jumping lungs

  • Hello Ingrid.

    So pleased you are here. Welcome. 🌷 And good on you for giving up the smokes. I have heard it is a very difficult thing to do.

    My lung disease is not smoking related so I'm sorry I can't help with your questions but others will come along who can.

    Lovely to meet you.

    Cas xx ☀🌱☀

  • Hi Caspiana,

    Thank you for the kind welcome ! I gave up smoking with hypnotherapy (one visit !!) and have not had a single craving or withdrawal symptom despite smoking a packet a day for years !!! The mind is a powerful thing (and I didn't want to struggle with giving up, I just wanted to 'do it' ). But I thank you for your encouragement :)

    lovely to meet you too ,


  • That's wonderful Ingrid! So happy for you. 😊

  • Hello Ingrid, I was interested to read that you had used hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool as you have found; self-hypnosis even more so. If you can move on to self-hypnosis you will find it of great benefit in dealing with future problems. The inability to completely relax often causes more distress to people than the complaint from which they suffer. COPD is progressive and often leads to anxiety and even depression. Avoiding those things, just by relaxing, and you can live a normal life.

  • Hi Don,

    It is a powerful tool I agree. I have used it twice before so I believed it would work for me with quitting cigarettes and to be honest, I was scared I wouldn't be able to quit any other way. I have a son with severe physical disabilities and autism - I need to be around a long time to continue to care for him. Our lives have never been 'normal' lol :)

  • Hi I felt the same when I gave up four year ago, it took time to see the difference and feel better but it does happen. Just exercise eat healthy and drink plenty. You will soon feel the benefits. Let us know how you are getting on. Take care.😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thanks Bernadette, will do !!!

    Ingrid :)

  • Hi Ingrid, COPD here too. We don't all cough, I don't unless I breath in smoke of any kind, or strong perfumes. As for feeling the big benefits of giving up smoking, it took around 6 months for me, it is something that creeps up slowly.

  • Thanks 2greys, it's reassuring to know i'm not the only one without mucus (lol) and I will look forward to those non-smoking benefits when they eventually show up !

  • It takes a while to feel the benefits of quitting the cigs. It was after 'roughly' four months when I first began to notice a beneficial difference, prior to that I coughed a lot more than I ever did when I was smoking.

  • I actually feel more breathless since I quit smoking ..... really hoping this changes soon

  • Yes I remember feeling far more short of breath as well, but it does get better, just takes a while. You might find that your cough will become more productive, if so it will just be your lungs clearing out any gunk, that gets better too. I hope you're rewarding yourself with a few treats from all the money that you've stopped burning😄.

  • COPD is really a blanket term for a number of conditions. I have stage 2 emphysema and I do not cough or bring up sputum. I stopped​ smoking 3 months ago and I am slowly feeling the benefits when exercising. As others have said exercise, exercise exercise.

  • Hi Badbessie, I did wonder if I have emphysema because I do not generally cough or have mucus but when I was diagnosed my GP just said I had copd and didn't break it down further. I have had asthma for the last few years and was prone to bronchitis years ago ..... I was diagnosed by spirometry, how would my gp know what condition I have other than asthma ?

  • In reality you would need a CT scan to give a full diagnosis. With your history I think it would be the only way to give a full diagnosis.

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