I was told to give up my oil painting by my Dr last Dec so while I was on Vacation in Portugal I thought nothing wrong with water color no fumes there. So when I was in Porto I bought some watercolors pen paper . When I paint I forget about things about my lungs and life and its just me and the paints. While I"m sitting here waiting to find out if I can go home or not on Friday because I fell sick I brought out the paints and I found for those moments your not thinking about everything if your going to catch that flight worry about your lungs. I'm just painting. If you ever feel that your over worried about things try water color paints no fumes and I felt better afterwards. ....Plus easy clean up ...

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  • Glad you have a hobby to occupy your mind. That's a very good form of distraction. Fingers crossed for you. Xxxxx

  • Clamdigger I realise my previous post to you is slightly redundant as you have explained here that you love to paint. Hopefully you can show us a couple of recent works,when you've mastered how to "cut and paste"? (I say that whilst laughing to myself as it took several members help for me just to put a photo up recently! Hopefully you are far more IT literate than me?!).

    Looking forward to seeing your paintings and getting to know you better.

  • The internet is slow were I am I got one to up load but I only know how to upload under new subject so I put out two adds.... I'm not very good with water color have to take a few classes for that still want to paint like I'm using oils. But Ill post more when I"m aloud to fly home stuck in Portugal my lungs got bad on me I"ll know on Thursday if I can fly out. But Im going to look into posting in the same forum a picture ....

  • Hello Clamdigger , nice to meet you 😊 I had to reply as only yesterday I was saying the very same thing to my partner who suffers debilitating anxiety.....when I draw and paint it feels like a meditation almost....all thoughts empty from your mind and it's so good for your being. It's an excellent stress buster 😁 Good for you trying a new medium to express yourself , watercolours are less messy and smelly! enjoy your creative pastimes!

    huff x

  • I haven't had my paints out for ages but feel inspired to have a go again after reading your post! Thank you!!

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