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PF, IPF and ILD - excellent new patient guide available

One of worst things about having IPF or PF is the complete lack of a good article explaining the disease and the various terms used (types of ILD, tests etc). Below are some links to an excellent new patients guide produced by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (pulmonary fibrosis news website) that should certainly help people newly (and not so newly!) diagnosed particularly those who have not been given much info by their doctors. In some ways its quite similar to the introduction to PF article on Inspire (link below) and the two articles together should provide a really good intro and background information to PF and the various associated diseases.

Links :-

Info on patients guide to PF.


This link takes you straight to the Patients guide.


This is an Inspire article that also has some great info


Edited - 24th March. Previous links failed or linked to a 2015 version of pulmonary fibrosis foundation guide. If for some reason the links fail again then search their website for the article.

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I found the BLF pamphlet to be very good. If not depressing lol.

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