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Yesterday I picked up my prescription from the chemist and guess what, my meds had been changed yet again. Managed to get in to see the doctor and ask why they keep changing it without consulting me, this even though I have explained to them on other occasions when it has happened that prescribing alternitives to Seretide does not work for me. Only to be explained that it is cost saving. How this can be a cost saving when the unopened device now has to go back to the chemist who will then have it destoyed.

I have now been prescribed with Seretide again, we can only see what happens next time, I will keep you all up to date. Watch this space

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  • Never mind cost saving, what about the patients? Not good is it Budgie? Xxx

  • I wouldn't mind if they gave me the chance to explain, this has been going on for a year now

  • Presumably you've made an appointment with your GP to go through this? I'd ask to have it entered on the computer. And next time you collect your prescription, open it before leave the chemist. If it's not Seretide refuse to take it. They can't then charge for it. Don't give in. Sue x

  • Asked them twice now to have it put on my notes, the best excuse I had from the receptionist was "The CQC had taken Seretide of the list 😁 I had to explain to her what the CQCs' role is

  • Seretide has been stopped for some patient's but not asthmatics or those with severe COPD. I think you have asthma so you're entitled to continue. It's to do with a risk of pneumonia. x

  • I have both

  • As I'm 63, it's not the charging that's a problem,

  • Dont think it's the CQCs' remit to review medication

  • Neither do I.

  • Some times you despair it is like fighting a battle permanently

  • I would be incensed if my doctor ( GP or consultant) changed meds without talking to me about it. They just wouldn't do it. Protest ! Strongly!!!

  • Have you tried asking your GP to write the actual brand / manufacture name on your prescription.

    The same thing was happening to me but now seems better once this was done. ( ie Johnsons Seretide) hope it helps

  • Did that, But it still disappeared

  • is it a totally different med,or a different make?

  • Same, salmeterol & fluticasone. Have 2 puffs twice daily for my asthma and been switched for about 6 months. Not noticed any difference. Some people might have problems with some of the other non active ingreds If they are different I suppose.

    On the other hand when I queried why the generic salbutamol had reverted to branded Ventolin the pharmacist said that the branded version was now the cheapest as the generic manufacturers were trying to push the price up.

  • Different manufacture

  • Its a different make. It's suppose to have the same ingredients,so I dont know whether it's the levels of of each med or the propulsion it uses.

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