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Birds of wisdom-20

Birds of wisdom-20

Hi all. Been away for a few days to Prague. A city I have not visited before. To be honest I had no idea what to expect but was surprised by the grandeur of the architecture, the cleanliness of the streets and the pride the locals take in their city.

Took loads of pics, as some of you were asking, and would like to see. But woe is me I broke my camera, suppose one consolation it was on the last day. My friend who went with us took lots more. He uses a much better camera than mine. I hope he will download to some form of file sharing site so I can direct those who are interested.

One site I did pay homage at; for those who were children of the 60's (like me) may well remember ; Jan Palach who on Jan 16th 1969 self immolated himself (set fire), in protest over the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Russians. A timely reminder as the Russian Bear under Putin is again on the prowl. Jan's memorial a simple bronze cross sited at the top of Wenceslas square is a sombre reminder, that for some, freedom is hard won and often charges the ultimate price.

Enjoy todays bird and the aphorism is for me a timely reminder of the precious gift that is life and the value of freedom.

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I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Prague, shame about your camera...did you drop it.

When I was young we had Czech neighbours who had escaped after WW2. They could never go back home.

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I feel obliged to respond to a blatantly political comment and say that personally I feel I have a lot more to worry about the actions of Trump rather than Putin. Just felt the need to balance this statement.


It is such a beautiful, magical city x


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