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GP's & Bee's In Your Ear

Went GP's today for few ANSWERs and left confused with bee in ear.

Since my fall I have not recovered AND nearly everyday am walking round dizzy NOUT. New there given lung diseased.

What is new i am struggling to get up out bed of morning AS soon aa i sit up BANG am dizzy

If i was a drinker a would think positive but as tea total i dont like feeling pissed.

So went GPs and told gp about blood pressure SYS 140 & DIA 90 and why relative normal bp would make me dizzy and exhausted.

He said was my lung condition and bronchiectasis and those mucus balls. So i asked if things would in prove to be told in short NO he also said i need to manage my health anxiety.

Just before i was shoved out door DOCTOR did ask me to make sure i ask my lung doctor what it is thats exactly up with me.

So dont really know what he ment by that but all contributes to health anxiety.

On plus side GP's doing brain scan hospital month ago could not decide what to do.

Just wish i felt better and not as exhausted or dizzy

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Nothing seems straightforward JAS but it would be nice to get your dizziness sorted out. Wishing you well. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy defo agree there tried washing car and was bushed needed granny nap.

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sassy59 in reply to

Ah JAS you take care. Xxx

might be labyrintitus my daughter suffers from it. It's the crystals in your ear that dislodge and make you feel dizzy and like the floor is moving. Your doctor can give you some exercises to try and settle the crystals down again. Sounds daft I know but it's true and I know I've spelt it wrong lol!

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Hi Cheers all try moving slower see if tbst helps

Doctor did give me pic last time to try THAT head twisting stuff hospital did head test when was there think thats why got go for head scan.

Nearly pulled my head off first time i ever screemed like a girl.

Wel apart from when i seen mouse .... but thats between us lol

Cheers thanks for reply

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If you have tinnitus the scan will be to rule out a tumour which can cause tinnitus. They are rare and very slow growing.

Might be a good idea to rotate the head around on your sides before getting up in the morning.

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Hi offcuts cheers defo give it was this morning and feel pretty new.

How long last is anyones guess.

Thanks for link

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