Giving up the fags

Morning everyone, hope I find you all well. Day one of quitting the cigs seriously yesterday, went very well I suppose. No patch used, only will power. I smoked 3 cigarettes. Not being to hard on myself, for the 3 I had, as having smoked for over 36yrs, I believe still an achievement. Up very early this morning, 2am, no idea why. Patch is on, E Lighter to the ready, hope I can do better today. I'm expecting more mucus than usual, but hey, no pain no gain. My diagnosis is starting to sink in now, after a month of hearing the " you have copd". I am now under the copd nurse at my surgery, still need to have echocardiogram. I'm assuming this shows what level of damage, if any, there is to my lungs. Still confused my abbreviations being used on the forum. I had a very heavy week last week. Spent four days closing up the clothes bank I co managed. I was pretty much wiped out each day, but it had to be done. Im so sad it had to come to a halt. Only I can not now commit to running this solely on my own, as partner in crime, as started university. I am now going to try and live my life in the slow lane, or try. My whole life I've done things in the fast lane, going to be difficult to slow down. Anyway, I better get off here, don't want to bore you all. Have a great day everyone. Sonia.

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  • Hi Sonia, well done for your efforts for quitting smoking, the best thing you can do,I also smoked for 35 years. The Echo Cardiogram is to check on your heart. You will come to terms with your condition. Exercise and healthy eating will help and trying not to be in the company of people with colds and flu. Welcome to this site you will find lots of lovely people happy to give advice and support when needed. Joyce

  • The Joyce.

  • Hello Sonia, and welcome. Well done with the cigarettes......just take one day at a time and congratulate yourself for every cigarette not smoked. I find the e-cig the most useful.

    Good luck with it. Sending you best wishes. Pam XXX

  • The Pam. Well done you.

  • Hello Sonia, welcome to the group, well done on the quitting . Take one day at a time you will get there and feel better for it. Good luck but dont worry if you stray off the path you can always try again at another time, took me three attempts. Been a none smoker for over ten years now. Best wishes x

  • You are doing well Sonia and one day at a time. You will get there. Try and stay positive and keep yourself as well as possible.

    This is a good site where you will find lots of help and advice. Any questions just ask.

    Wishing you well. Onwards and upwards. Xxxxx

  • Hi Sonia, you are doing great your positive attitude will get you there. Good luck 🍀 and please keep posting to let us know how you are doing and so we can give you support. Take care xxx😊 Bernadette

  • Hi

    Well done with the smoking cessation.

    To help with abbreviations.

    To the right of page pinned post

    Click on abbreviations and links.

    Most are listed plus other useful information.

  • Hi Sonia... really great to hear you've grasped the bull by the horns, so to speak, and you know you have to achieve your goal for the sake of your health. My husband has IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis)... unknown scarring of the lungs... when he was initially diagnosed, he too was in denial and continued smoking for 12 months after diagnosis.. (he had been a smoker for 55 years and said he would never give it up). I was a smoker too on around 40 a day. As his condition worsened, he did try a few times to cut down. In the end, on 1st April, last year, when he got home from the pub, he said.... were are the cigarettes... my reply was.... "no more in this house... that's it, finished... both of us!". We now use the smoke vaporisers... we haven't tried to get off these yet. He has admitted that he's had 3 cigarettes since that day (I haven't touched one.. lol...) but it just confirmed to him that he was okay with his vaporiser. I know he shouldn't be having that either, but hey ho, I'm still very proud of him.

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted you to know that you are not on your own with the huge battle to give up smoking. Keep doing what you are doing, take each day as it comes, and achieve your goal. Very best of luck.

  • The Brenda. I hope you can all help sans encourage me through the bad days. It would be apprieated.

  • If you ever need help you can count on us.

  • Why should you not both use an e-cig? I switched 7 years ago and use mine exactly as I did when smoking - it's the same thing without the cancer-causing elements. I have always said they will prise my e-cig from my cold, dead hands - I firmly believe that it has saved my life. So pleased that you are both doing so well, only smokers know how hard it is, and I was one for 60+ years. The old adage "We smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar" is so true, and Public Health England have clearly stated that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Keep on keeping on!

  • Hi Sonia and welcome. It sounds like you are doing a great job of trying to quit smoking. I have no doubt it can be terribly hard. But just know you have a lot of people here who have done it. Please drop in and let us know how you are going if you feel so inclined. Keep up the good work.

    Rooting for you.

    Cas xx 💜😁🎶

  • WELL DONE Sonia,little steps at a time, I gave up using an E cig and have not had a fag for 3 years now, I had a very hectic life and a quite high profile job and was always rushing around and working long hours, but hey life in the slow lane is just fine, look after my garden taken up photography, and as long as I pace myself I am OK, so you see there is life with COPD, exercise and healthy food, take your meds, time to chill out my friend, good luck and keep in touch.


  • I did it by cutting down to 3 a day and then using an ecig I stopped by day 5.

    Your doing well Sonia, keep it up xx

  • Well done you for giving up.

  • I haven't heard the expression "fag" in ages. Anyway, if you smoke, quit. I smoked for 42 years and 2 more trying to quit before i finally did. I am still a C.O.P.D. loser but I hate to think how bad I would be if I didn't stop when I did. I woke up one morning and just decided that I wasn't going to smoke anymore.

  • Well done right choice, I was a heavy smoker.....I had gum, inhalators, addicted to the end went cold turkey.....I still consider myself a smoker I just have not had one for 10 of luck.

  • Thankyou Badbessie, and well done you. Keep it up.

  • trying to give up 5 fags a day ; its so hard to let go of them, will try too. G ood luck

  • So true my father had packed up for twenty years and when he got in his car would still feel along the dash board for his cage, just a habit that went with smoking..good look.

  • Well done Sonia, you will get there, and it will be good to have some time to concentrate on healthy eating and long walks :)

  • Hi Sonia

    Firstly congratulations on taking the first steps in dealing with your situation it will be a huge step faward for you. Fags and copd just don't do it

    I'm not sounding my own trumpet when i say i gave up two years and three months ago when the GP said you have got copd and with no ifs or buts you must give up if you want help .........

    That was good enough for me and i hate to think how i would be now if i had not understood the serious look on that Doctors face

    Sonia you can do it ....You will do it because you are thinking right !

    We are all wishing you well


  • Hi. It is the most difficult thing ever giving them up. I just gave up for 3 full weeks and gave in. Now feeling bad again. You have one then you have another and thats it. Your back on them.

    I have to really give up. I am 75 get cronick Bronchitis 2 time every year i have emphasima also.

    Going to give it another go.

    Best luck to us.


  • Start today, set the challenge Shaureen. Do it with me, and we can encourage each other. If at first you don't suceed, try, and try again. I have tried 5 times before. Everyone on this site will cheer us on from the sidelines. I wish you well whatever you choose to do hun.

  • Ok. Thailand is 6-7 hours behind UK i am going to stop when i go to bet tonight 9pm our time, 3am next day your time. We cannot get the electric cig here it is banned.

    So, you start when you go to bed tonight. Lets give it a go.

    No bull shit.


  • What makes me wild is that cigarettes aren't banned altogether. Alcohol is equally harmful but that too is on sale. If cigarettes and tobacco were to be banned it would make them extremely difficult to obtain. Heroin is banned, although addicts can be prescribed Methadone. It is hypocritical of the Government to have nasty pictures on cigarette packs, spend a fortune on advertising the dangers, while allowing them to be sold.

  • They will never ban them, they make to much money on them.

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