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Looking for the right antibiotic



I am a 74 year old German retired in the US CA

As a long time smoker (55) I developed emphaszima / COPD and ended at the hospital on Aug 2015

Since then in and out 3 more time and on 24/7 Oxygen 3 liter

During my first Hospital time I got a virus injection from the tubbing

Been on different IV but non has helped

I can not tolerate penicillin and all other antibiotics have not cleared the infection

Short of breath, no energy and not enough therapy for my legs


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Hello Herbert and a warm welcome to you, sorry to hear about your problems, surelythe Gp must have something they can give you. Have they not given you a little light exercise, there are some leg exercises that can be done sitting down. Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope your doctor finds the right medication for you soon and that it works. Hope to hear a positive update from you on your condition in the near future. Beth

Hi, Herbert, and welcome to this site. You've certainly been having a tough time of it. Did the doctors prescribe anti-viral drugs for your virus infection from the tubing? Anti-biotics aren't effective against viruses. Or do you have a resistant bacterial infection too?

Hi Herbert and welcome. Do you produce sputum? If so it woud be a good if they took a sample to get cultured (grow out the bugs) and then find out wht they are sensitive to (find the right antibiotic). Some folks who are allergic to penicillin are often prescribed Doxycylince but expect they have already tried it.

Wbat is tubbing?

Hope they find an ab in a high and long enough course to help you.


I got a virus injection from the tubbing.

Should read:

I got a virus infection from the tubing.

Text Prediction has a lot to answer for.😳🙂

He He. OMG am I thick or what - shoud have worked it out. It's either my age or it was too early for me. Thanks PMB.


Hi Mate. Do a search though Google for non penacilion antibiotics. But stay off any with the name Amoxy in them. Not much you can do really with emphac. Steroids help but lots of bad side effects.

Welcome Herbert you have certainly had a rough time of things even getting an infection from the tubing. It's often s combination of things that work best so maybe the doctors can sort something out for you.

As Ergendl says, antibiotics don't work on viral infections but if you have developed a bacterial one something should be able to be done.

Hope to hear from you again and nice photo by the way. Take care xxxxx

Hi Herbert and welcome. I can't add to the great advice you've been given, as I'm only moderate but I just wanted to say hello. xx

Best advice would be sputum specimen for what type of bacteria and at the same time a sensitivity to Antibiotics. This would give you an answer if it's bacterial. However if it viral then it more of a problem.

HI Herbert,. Welcome you will find a lot of wonderful information on this site. Do you by chance have an academy sports store near you? They sell a wonderful little gadget it looks like a set of bicycle pedals on a little stand. You can sit in your chair and work your legs. Also you can put it on your lap and use your hands. Mm mm if I only knew the name of it! It's not super expensive, under 50 USD. Hope this helps

Hi, I think you mean a pedal exerciser, like this amazon.co.uk/MiraFit-Mini-E...

Oops I nearly forgot to say "hello", Herbert, and welcome to the forum :)

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Thank you

Will try this

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