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Ct without contrast??

Hi all,

My ct scan yesterday was done without contrast, will this still be sufficient to show up infection or inflammation?

Bit concerned now. I really need this breakthrough i can't stick this pain in my lung much longer. I'm still so fatigued n on my 3rd consecutive cold again dripping down onto lung n making discomfort worse. I'm severely fatigued.

If this doesn't show I don't know I'll do. I'll be so frustrated. I feel trapped.

My worry is iv had infections before that never 'showed up' but I had them. Even the serious infection I had didn't show at first clear chest clear x ray. 2 weeks later it did show but this worries me. I hadn't much mucus with that one either only got it up after taking steroids with fresh blood n quite abit in green thick stiff but that was it I never got any more mucus up n this infection is less severe than that n iv no mucus at all. Any time I get bacterial lung infections I never get mucus only with viral.

The complication with me is iv an underlying muscle disorder which affects my blood n tissues n no1 understands it I havnt been formally diagnosed but if your throat tissues physically badly burned after a few packs of cigs isn't enough to show my tissues are made of different stuff than other people's i dunno. I just get ignored all the time no1 ever investigates me. But I'm with a neurologist trying to figure it out iv a good idea but it's very hard with rare diseases.

The thing is with this my body might not be responding to infection the same as other people's or my tissues. I never 'caught' a chest infection off anyone before they just mushroom in my own body from cigarettes weakening my tissues allowing bacteria to multiply. I think everyone has pneumonia in them it's just people with underlying things allow them to grow. So Coz it already there maybe my body can't produce the mucus on time or something I don't really know something Like this but surely the tissues should still inflame but I just don't know with me I'm very unusual n this always affects me I'm treated normal but I'm very far from normal.

Like if you've h pylori in tummy you can't see inflammation unless it's gotten real bad it's in the tissues but not visible can only be detected through biopsy on scope or breathe test. My scope was false negative n breath test was positive. If can pick up h pylori by that is there no other way to detect this pneumonia? What about blood culture? It's just torture this.

If they rang n said we See it I'm sorted it's proof they'll help me if not its more battling. God I'd love to be well n have this gone outta my lung n go dancing or do something other than lay around the house like an oap.

I do have bronchoscopy to do too but I'd much rather it shows on ct. Also how accurate are bronchoscooy I can't point doctor to area it is but what if he takes tissues from wrong bit like h pylori test you know.

I have CD of ct n looked of course I'm not a doctor but I don't see anything. On a couple of films they've given 5mm width or thick and another measurement mm length or something is that just standard or would that be nodilule. I know I shouldn't be looking n just wait but I'm desperate. Tuesday results will be in.

Sorry 4 annoying everyone with these long posts probably no1 reads its just complicated with me.

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You are not annoying at all and l think it helps you to write it all down. Complex medical problems are very difficult too get on top of but it can be done.

I hope you get the results you need and please don't give up. You may have battles ahead but keep going and you will get there. Xxxxx


Thanks I'm just tired of no break. 5 months with an infection n I was only just recovered from something else not long when I got the infection. I'm so tired of not being well n fighting with docs. If someone actually believed I'd infection I wouldn't even be at home cracking up dealing on my own I'd be sent into hospital getting all the necessary tests n getting sorted. My last illness was the same thing I was treated so badly n was very sick they just couldn't pick it up. Eventually picked up tummy infection n low potassium but it was awful long road. Had to supplement potassium myself coz bloods kept coming out wrong eventually got supplements off a doc who recognize discrepancies in bloods but they're all the same black or white it's very hard to get through to them.

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Thinking of you Weaklink. Let us know how you get on. Xxxx


Great response from Sassy, and I can't really add anything other than to wish you the best of luck.

Take care. Pam XXX


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