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Shortness of Breathe PLEASE HELP


Hey there I am 28 yrs old and for the last month or so I have been struggling to breathe finally I made a dr appointment and I was given an inhaler to help with this problem I used the inhaler a few times the same day and it got worse so bad I went to the emergency room they ran all sorts of tests ekg, blood work to see if my enzymes of my heart were damaged, a chest x-ray and the whole time I was there they were monitoring my oxygen levels all of which came back normal with my oxygen levels 100% they did say my white blood cells were a little higher than normal but not high enough to be concerned about. They discharged me still short of breathe and still no answers. I did smoke for 9 yrs but I quit smoking in October because I started with this shortness of breathe and it seemed to help but now here lately it's back with a vengeance and I'm not sure what to do. The only other problem I have is every now and then I get what feels like a muscle spasm in my upper middle right side of my back, and I have been stuffed up and runny in my sinuses I took benadryl to see if it would help thinking maybe it was allergies but that didn't help either. I'm running out of ideas and I've tried breathing exercises which help sometimes but sometimes I just get very light headed and shaky also I tried breathing in steam with essential oil for stress in the water that helped once then made it worse the next time I tried it.. any thoughts or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.. I'm getting very irritable because of this and I just want to breathe normally again.. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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please go back to your GP and explain how you feel, don't take no for an answer. Keep posting and let us know how you are. Take care 😊 Bernadette xx

Thanks I will be calling Monday morning for a follow up visit. I need some kind of answer.😥😥

Sorry, there is nobody here who can diagnose you. You really do need to see your GP.

ciaralynn88 in reply to Toci

I will. I was hoping someone may have had this problem or have this problem and have tips on how to go about getting a diagnosis and help when it occurs. I'm getting nowhere 😫

Toci in reply to ciaralynn88

Just about all of us here suffer with shortness of breath to some degree and for some of us it is seriously debilitating. But we all have different diagnoses and different treatment so there is no generic advice. Offering any would be dangerous as we do not know your medical history. Your doctors really are the only ones who can help. Once you have a diagnosis and have been started on a treatment regime then this is the place to come to share experiences. :)

jane5 in reply to ciaralynn88

don't give in fight this diagnosis and see another doctor

I am just wondering if your problems could be allergy related, I doubt the hospital would discharge you if they had found symptoms of a disease . Think, has something changed around you at home or work etc. a new pet, a new indoor plant etc... either way you need to see your GP.

ciaralynn88 in reply to 2greys

No nothing new. I have never had these problems before and I am trying to figure out why this is happening I have an appointment today so hopefully I can get some answers I'm not leaving until I get answers..

I agree with Damon that you should go back to your GP. Ask what the inhaler is for - e.g. asthma? You need some answers as to a diagnosis. Good luck

Hi hope ur not a doctor by no means but getting to the point ur white cells maybe swelled and maybe u have anemia..ths will affect ur breathing but this doesnt mean u have problems with ur lungs..again im only talking from experience having ponicious annemia and copd these are the symptons i is really confusing but i suggest you ask your doctor to do your blood levels and see if there is a problem with u lacking red cells or your white cells are swollen..this with cause breathlessness..take care 💘

Thanks I will ask today..

Hope you are feeling better soon however go back to your gp and explain all X

Thanks I will

Try and calm down. Panicking won't help. Look at this site it may help you understand what's happening.

ciaralynn88 in reply to tamariki


I recognize some of my story in yours, so I thought I would share it: When I was diagnosed, I was sent to the emergency room after a short period with increasing dyspnea, dizziness and general ill feeling. They found some changes on my x-rays, but as it wasn't a pulmonary embolism, I was sent home with the explanation that my dyspnea was due to asthma, which was something I should sort out with my GP. Two days later I went to my GP to get the result of a spirometry, which showed obstruction rather than restriction, and on top of the dizziness and dyspnea I started having spasms in my arms. I was submitted to the hospital, where they found out I have severe emphysema. They ran a lot of tests, as my case is very unusual, but came to the conclusion that the spasms and dizziness were due to hyperventilation. Not hyperventilation as in an anxiety attack, but simply due to "bad breathing" because of my emphysema. I simply gasped for my breath due to the feeling of not being able to take a deep breath and therefore washed out my C02, as I didn't knew it was important to empty the lungs when you have emphysema (use pursed lip breathing).

Do what you can to get a diagnosis, as knowledge about your condition helps you deal with the situation.

There are lots of advice here and on google on breathing and relaxation techniques which also might be helpful.

All the best,


Thanks I will be asking my dr about all of these things I never have had any problems health wise before this just started out the blue and they said my white blood cells were higher than normal but never tried to see why I'm hoping it's nothing too serious but I want to know what it is

hi I was like it in 2015 kept getting sent home 🏠 with antibiotics lost weight and felt like Ihad cushion over my nose and mouth some months later ended up in hospital got diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis ask for second opinion

ciaralynn88 in reply to jane5

I will ask next week when I go bk thanks😊

Ok so I went to my gp Tuesday she gave me lexapro and klonopin she thinks it's just a really severe case of axiety, however I have to go bk to her in a week so she can check amd make sure that the meds are helping.. I took my medsister that same night and woke up Tuesday morning very weak I could hardly stand and couldn't even open my baby's sippy cup I went bk to my GP that same day and she also gave me medicine for reflux and told me I was probably weak from not eating since Friday. From Friday to Wednesday I lost 12 lbs. I take my meds as instructed but I take 3 klonopin a day instead of 2 morning noon and night I feel very tired and I can breathe ok laying down and standing. I start to get winded walking, talking, and sitting. I hope this is only anxiety but I just ready about a knew disease called ipf, however I had a chest x-ray and it was clear so I don't think thats a factor.. so far still no real answers yet

Hey there I had another episode Thursday night so I went to a different hospital there an ekg was done all clear they gave me 2 Vistoril and sent me home which helped also that dr gave me a prescription for atarax and I still take my lexapro haven't been taking the klonopin the atarax keeps me very calm and breathing much better only factor is I sleep all the time. Going back to my GP Thursday and also I will be going see a cardiologist either this week or next.. thanks again for all the support..

Hi Ciaralynn88, you havent posted in a while, how are you a year down the road? After reading your comments I'm curious if you ever got a diagnosis as I am going through something similar. Take care

I never went out for 3 mths due to severe breathlessness for shopping etc just taxis to docs for b/t & hospital transport for b/ts as I am on Warfarin, started to go out on Town Rider twice a week found out pushing shop trolley opened my airways & I managed to get round shop. Kept it up & my breathing improved started sniffing Eucalyptus Oil & my breathing improved immensely. Up hospital for yearly check up at Chest Clinic nurse said the Oil opens up the airways, also Fishermens Friends (too hot for me) stopped Oil as my B/P went sky high (not sure if oil but 1 doc did cut my b/p tabs down) now I am starting to get severe breathlessness again so going to go back to Oil. We need to move no matter how breathless we are & eat more as we use an awful lot of calories just to breath.

I was also severely short of Iron went on 620mg a day breathing was near perfect, my Colitis Specialist said blood levels ok so cut down 1/2 a day so maybe my levels have gone down again?

I have had copd for some years now Inthe pass I was getting so sort of breath I have ended up in hospital I have what they call an emergency pack if my copd gets worst this one day I said to the wife I can not breath the doctor came and said it not my copd but my heart he called an ambulance and I whent to hospital after so many test 2mri and scans and 3more visits to the hospital I am going to have a op next week 27 to have a difib. Fitted my heart is not pumping as it should and it goes fast then slow it is only pumping at 15% so I get so short of breath at the moment they are trying to get my meds right

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