COPD for over 4 years

Hi all, several other health issues but now COPD. Never smoked in my life and don't drink ,was very fit and active. Now my system shuts down quickly and I've been on steroids and antibiotics to clear it up for several days, again after several days I start to become breathless vomiting up bronchial plugs thick mucus and given steroids and antibiotics again. (4years later) episodes are getting closer and feeling weaker. I'm male coming 68

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  • Hi Hamma and welcome. Hope you start feeling better soon, stay positive and keep posting to let us know how you are. 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Hi feel sorry for you I have the same problem but managed to diagnose d by a clinic in Turkey now one two inhalers and feelinga lot better still exercise and am now lookung f/ward tomy seventh birthday this year

  • Just a thought - have you been referred for pulmonary rehab? They might be able to give you some tips and pointers for how to keep fit, recognise exacerbations at an earlier stage and (hopefully) prevent some of them.

    I get where you are - these sessions seem to drain everything out of us but, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Hope you feel better soon and I thoroughly recommend PR. My classes only taught about excercise and diet i s there information on this site about recognising early signs of exacerbations?

  • Your GP or respiratory nurse should have gone through this with you and supplied a plan to follow. Please ask at the surgery. You could also try here:

  • got there before me, mrsmummy, my first PR didn't mention it but the second one had a one-to-one with a nurse and worked out a plan, early signs and when to start a course of emergency meds.

    Justifies the second course in my mind

  • Mine was the surgery respiratory nurse. It is so very necessary isn't it? :)

  • Welcome Hammna, what a lot you have to put up with. You need more help so go back to your doctor and explain how you are feeling. Don't be fobbed off, things need to change. Xxxx

  • Welcome Gamma and I can only agree with @ y_not ,daveclark69 and Damon1864 as they've given you excellent advice. There have been some really terrible bugs about since Christmas really and many members are still finding it hard to make a full recovery. Some like you are on their 3rd or 4th lot of antibiotics/steroids. Deffo be persistent with your Doctor and a sputum test will check to see why your AB's aren't giving you much relief.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Hi Hamma, you must feel really down to have been fit and healthy, no vices as they say and to develop COPD. But I am sure you will start feeling better soon and with correct treatment enjoy your retirement days, welcome to the site and hope to speak again soon.

  • I have been diagnosed with COPD for 13 years and have had episodes as you describe from time to time. This year there seems to have been a vicious bug going round and I am just recovering. Generous use of Ventoiin (blue inhaler) was prescribed and regular inhalation of steamy vapour laced with a decongestant such as Olbas oil can help to shift the mucus. We are susceptible to chest infections and in some areas COPD sufferers can be given a supply of antibiotics to begin using them at the early onset whilst waiting to access a GP. It is worth asking if younarein one of these areas. Persevere and keep moving and drinking plenty of bland fluid. Good luck.

  • I saw my nurse dedicated to COPD last year and she sounded my chest and said no infection no drugs.I though i was dying a few days later with what seemed long periods of being unable to get my breath and more worryingly unable to breath at all for 20 secs. This year I saw an emergency doctor at the practice who gave me antibiotics.I see the same Nurse next week for a review.

    Welcome Hamma I did smoke for a lot of years but gave up 12 years ago and thought I had escaped COPD

  • A very warm welcome to you. cx

  • As a few on here have said get onto a PR course they will tell you all sorts of ways to help and spot what you need to know about your conditions. I learned the huffing techneque and it has been a great help to me.

  • Hello and welcome Hammna

  • Welcome Hamma. I hope you start to feel a bit better when the spring comes. Keep in touch. x

  • Hi Hamma and welcome to the board. Follow the advice given by other posters and get yourself back to the Docters, don't struggle on in silence. xx

  • Most people I know have COPD and never smoked. It normally caused if you had whooping cough as a baby or pollution. Sometimes it can be caused if someone has smoke or even passive smoking. Most people who get this normally have weak lungs as a child. I also have emphysema, like you I have never smoked. Unfortunately it is a unfair world where someone can smoke 40 years and have very good lungs and someone who never smokes has bad lungs. But in life I know a few friends who passed away with cancer. Eventually we all have to depart this earth to our next destination. Just give thanks every day, we are still here to bless others here.

  • I had people in my family who had never smoked but developed copd eventually died, this was attributed to antitrypsin gene which has been passed down, including me I have the SZ gene from my mom fortunately my son has escaped this. Maybe you should ask your specialist consultant to look into having test done. Therefore finding out why you have copd. cheers.

  • Many thanks reply, I feel myself getting more and more tired and episodes are closing in. I get no help from my go who will not even give me medication to keep at home. I usually have to call them out or go se myself, thanks again

  • Welcome, you will learn a lot from this forum.

    Have you had a CT Scan to rule out Bronchiectasis? I was first diagnosed 30 yrs ago with allergies, then asthma, then COPD, then 5 yrs ago, after a CT Scan, Bx. It's treatment is alittle different than COPD. I'm now 67.

    If the meds aren't working for you, see your specialist. Every one is different with what they take and what will work for them.

    If your mucus is so thick, it is hard to get it up. Talk to your doctor about using a salt saline solution by way of a nebulizer, that thins the mucus. I also take ventolin by way of the nebulizer to keep my airways open. Also, over the counter decongestion meds (Mucinex) works too. Drink lots of water.

    Also, there are alternatives in your lifestyle that might help. Some say that dairy products increase mucus production. Some go on a grain free diet. There could be an underlying food allergy that increases mucus. I take Turmeric and Manuka honey each day.

    Exercise if you can. When I'm actively busy, I seem to be able to cough up mucus more easier. I do have to take short rests when, ex: working in the yard.

    Check into getting a flutter valve. It helps loosen the mucus.

    Take care, Beth

  • I agree with Beth1949, if you haven't had a CT scan you should ask for one to confirm the diagnosis. 80% of cases of COPD are smoking-related

  • Thanks again for information, what is a flutter valve?

  • If you put "flutter valve" in the search box at the top of the page, posts will come up where people have talked about these devices.

  • Yeah get a scan done. If it is emphysema (COPD) which means it is ageing of the lungs. Many things can cause air pollution, whooping cough. With the right plan you can improve. In two years my lung age as dropped from 70 to 60 years. My next aim is to get to 50 years. Lucky for me I have always been active and never smoked. You will need to changed your diet. No more cows milk it is really bad for the mucus. I am on hemp milk now from my local supermarket.

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