Spirometry Tests are done to see

Just how poorly you might be.

You blow until the airs all gone.

Your eyeballs pop out one by one.

Red in face you're told, "twice more"

You start to wonder, what's the score?

Is this the HS saving cash

By turning you into crematorium ash?

Then the printer churns stuff out,

Which to you will just mean......nowt!

10 Replies

  • That's excellent as always Don and so true., xxxx

  • I have the full Monty coming up on the 20th - now I'll be giggling all the way through it! You are such a help Don.

  • so true well said

  • Very funny Don :)

  • 😂😂😂 love it!

  • Well done

    So pleased you had the air to do it


  • So glad you didn't say hair! lol

  • Fabulous Son!😀🙋 xxx

  • Hi Ma,

    Top of the world eh, Ma? You proud of me Ma?

  • Very true i had mine last Wednesday funny enough, I laughed as I am carrying my oxygen cylinder and they want me to blow in to the machine, i thought that they were joking. Lol

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