Hello, I'm new here, this is a very good forum so I thought I would write my story.

I have been researching the connections between dehydration, gerd and asthma/copd. What came first? I think with me it was dehydration causing gerd and gerd causing copd.

But is it asthma or emphysema or something else? that is the question, yes I was a smoker so naturally I was told I had emphysema. But many years ago when my acid reflux was

really bad I think during the night I inhaled it into my lungs and did the damage. I would like to hear your views on this. I saw a doctor years ago and he told me you only want sympathy, duh....needless to say I don't see him anymore, the next dr gave me a stern look when I told him I looked something up on Google, he said Google? Bad!. The last dr I saw was interested in what I had to say, hurray....I started on Seretide 2 months ago after having a Spyromothy test and it is helping a lot, I started to get breathless many years ago and it was always shrugged of as anxiety until finally I ended up in hospital and saw a lung specialist who did all the tests and diagnosed me with mild ashtma and mild emphysema. That was eight years ago. Due for another Spyromothy test in three weeks. Sorry for the long story, I have a habit of making short stories long, lol. Thanks for listening.

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  • I think you could be right. Unfortunately there is still no cure for copd but always look on the bright side Joost

  • Thanks mikeadams51, I try.

  • Welcome joost, l read your post with interest as gerd seems to feature in lung problems with some people. It's not easy to get a doctor to listen to you so well done with that.

    Take care and hear from you again sometime. Xxx

  • Thank you.

  • Hello and welcome. I have gerd and emphysema, and the acid definitely came first. I would suspect that there is a link for some, but not all.

    Wishing you well, and take care. Pam XXX

  • Thank you.

  • Welcome joost. cx

  • Thank you.

  • Wheres dehydration fit into things usaly thats liver issues

  • No, dehydration causes a lot of health problems.

  • Hello joost,

    There IS a definite link between GERD and lung problems, it is fairly well documented but many doctors seem to deny it. Southampton Respiratory Unit insist on a test to establish any connection.



    I was diagnosed with COPD which disappeared within 10 days after having an Endoscopy when I was put on PPI's for Barrett's Osophogus.

    I have had an ongoing argument with my surgery for just over 4 years as to whether I suffer from COPD or just Asthma.

  • Thanks, I hope you will win your argument, doctors don't always know everything!

  • Hello joost,

    I don't think I will ever win on this point. I have reached a sort of truce with them. I follow MY treatment pattern which is Symbicort SMART regime with an odd use of Salbutamol if I am out of the house, since I can't rinse my mouth out.

    I do get whatever prescriptions I ask for, without question now, which seems very unusual for our NHS.

    My Sister lives south of Sydney in Tallong.

  • Thank you all for your replies, I live down under so it's time for me to get my beauty sleep.

  • Good Morning Joost, Your story sounds familiar to me and my stories end up long as well. I had doctors I was diagnosed with RA in 2013. I didn't want to go on medication due to it could cause cancer. I started with methotrexate in jan was on two different infusions. 7 months later I had nodules in my lungs. I had to have CT Scans every 3 months for the 1 year. I got ILD....later they called it ILD-RA. 2014 I had 3 different skin cancers. One being melanoma. I kept going to different specialist and everyone said it was my RA. They would draw blood, but none of them really looked at it. Well in Aug 2016 I had to have another infusion because I couldn't use my hands, I had trouble walking and I remember telling my doctor was I was trading one doctor for another. This medication made so very sick. I ended up at urgent care because the pain in my stomach was so bad. My WBC was over 20,000 In December I went to my PCP and she checked me out. I told her about me going to urgent care and how high my blood work was. She asked me what they did and I told her sent me home. December 22 I get a call from her. She set me up with a hematologist. Jan 6 I saw her, I had a mammogram, ultra sound, Chest x-ray, Cat scan, bone biopsy, pet scan and a lung biopsy. Feb 22 diagnosed with stage IV melanoma incurable in my left lung. Now I am waiting to have an MRI, LFT and to see a doctor. To make my long story short...lol Yes I was made to feel like a hypochondriac but i kept pushing to get the right results. Good luck sweetie....Danna

  • Hi Danna

    You sure have your share of problems, sorry to hear that, keep on pushing and you might get the answers you need, good luck. x

  • I have emphysema, dehydration and GERD. Swollen ankles at times. I have a uti at the moment. The things you mention, often go hand in hand with COPD.

  • There's something Im not getting about your reply Christine - dehydration as i understand it is a temporary condition caused by not drinking enough water or other liquid, not an ongoing condition like emphysema or GERD. Am I wrong about this? I can get dehydrated of course but only if i forget to drink, and it goes away later when I am drinking enough again. I guess if you've habitually not drunk enough then that would be dehydration over a long term, possibly causing other conditions to develop.

  • I could be wrong, as I have diabetes too, that may be a factor. I am finding the dehydration happens to me a lot, although I do drink water as well.

  • Oh, I've heard that you want to drink a lot if you have diabetes, so maybe its hard to drink enough? I thought there must be something I didnt know about, thanks Christine. Sorry you have to deal with that as well as lung stuff.

  • The recommended daily amount of water is 6 to 8 classes a day. I drink no ware near that amount of water a day. I would have thought many people on this sit suffer from more than one condition.

  • Some people need more water than others, I have chronic dehydration.

  • I didnt know that, you always learn stuff here. But what a bummer for you. Do you drink the 8 litres a day which is recommended by many alternative healers? I see below that you have been drinking more and it's helped.

  • 8 litres? that's an awful lot of water, I drink 2 litres, that's 8 glasses, is that what you meant?

  • Crikey!! Im not at my best on your post, sorry joost, not usually quite so flakey. It's 8 GLASSES of water. I think you'd drown yourself with 8 litres. :O

  • Lol.

  • Thanks for your reply, I must say since I have been drinking a lot more water every day for the last 2 months or so, it has made a lot of difference, doctors don't stress the importance of keeping well hydrated.

  • welcome

  • Thank you.

  • I agree I think Gerd does worsen if not cause COPD ,It has taken me a year to get the GP to refer me to a gastro person .I have found since I have had severe gerd my COPD is a lot worse xx

  • Glad i am not the only 1 who believes it is Gerd that is causing my extreme breathless. I went to the Chest Clinic up hospital last March it was a very rare day when i could breathe 2nd appointment next week, she gave me a new Inhaler & changed my Ventolin to liquid both to be used with Aero Chamber as the powder ones did not do any good. 1 doctor said my Inhalers are out of date last october told him i was prescribed it the March! Was told i am on the verge of Oxygen a few yrs ago! Trouble with doctors they all have different views on illnesses & if not trained in a specific 1 a waste of time us going to them!

  • Are you on medication for Gerd?

  • Yes 40mg a day

  • Is it not helping?

  • Yes it helps with Reflux but I had it for a few years before they increased tabs from 20mg to 40mg & my throat has been damaged which is causing severe breathlessness but have to get a doctor to agree (1 did say he thought it was ny thought causing my breathless & not my lungs)!

  • I believe that the acid reflux has damaged my lungs more than the cigarettes, or maybe a combination of the two...I have had reflux for about 30 years, only got medication for that about 5 years ago.

  • I also believe the Acid Reflux has damaged my throat so badly that is why i struggle to walk because i get so breathless. they said i was on the verge of Oxygen a few yrs ago but lucky so far. I can walk around a Supermarket pushing their trollies without getting breathless which seems strange! Also have read the Reflux can damage lungs

  • Yes it is odd being able to walk around supermarkets ok with a trolley, maybe it's the security? I walk on the treadmill for about 20 minutes in the mornings. I feel safe because I can slow down, stop and sit down whenever I feel like, when I walk outside I tend to get into a panic and then I over breathe, it seems like a breathing obsession! Happy for you that you didn't have to go on oxygen, take care x

  • Saw Oxygen Nurse yesterday the extra walking has helped my Sats 98 (that is normal for me anyway) ear b/t was 9+ it was 7+ last year. Because of the way we bend forwards pushing the store trolley our lungs are opened so that is why it is easier to walk. Think walking round ton pushing a store trolley might get me locked up lol. Sniffing Eucalyptus Oil helps to clear Airways has made a lot of difference to my breathlessness.

  • Yes and pushing the trolley bending forward also helps for spinal stenosis. And I have heard about sniffing Eucalyptus oil, so it really works, definitely will give that a try. And maybe you could use a wheely walker to walk around town? they can't lock you up for that unless you're speeding, lol.

  • I think it is because by slightly bending it opens the throat slightly so breathing is easier was talking to a friend a while back & they had same problem took doc 2 yrs to take notice had op on throat breathing perfect now so going to make throat my next priority but had a CT Scan of Colon etc last week as b/ts showed up something was terribly wrong inside also Iron levels rock bottom

  • Oh dear you poor thing, I hope they can solve your problems and give you the right treatments, keep me informed. x

  • As I already said had CT Scan with dye 2 weeks ago letter on Tues doc wanted to discuss results but same post appointment for Ultrasound Scan Pelvis & Trans Vaginal phoned Ambulance Control & as it was urgent they got me transport. Was in agony all day from Trans Vaginal had 2 before but think this was a different probe wanted to stop Scan but knew she had to do it! She asked when Was I seeing doctor told her 21st I feel as it something is very wrong down my Colon/Womb so be glad when I get the results. By the way I was gasping when she put a pilow behind my head & I had to lift my bottom up for the her to insert support underneath so she had to fiddle around with pillows etc so that i could stop gasping must get my throat checked out after the other problem is sorted, roll on 21st! XC

  • Thank you I am used to being ill have Heart, Colon & COPD live on my own (except with my little angel Tigger my beautiful black cat) so can just plod along day to day. will let you know when I hear back from hospital but have a little more energy bit less breathless so maybe Iron helping. God Bless XC

  • The same thing happen to me it is awful when a Dr don't give you the time of day. I finely got a Dr had a nurse for ten years. I have emphysema plus asthma plus ground glass they found a 5mm lump witch I have to wait six months before retesting to see if it is cancer.. I kept getting in shit for not taking care of my asthma told them something else is wrong the emergency Dr kept telling me to quite smoking the asthma clinc giving me shit for not taking care of my asthma they said I didn't have COPD. . Then I got a Dr from India she gave me the time of day and all the test were done.. I realized if something is not wright keep pushing or go to emergency , for six years I fought with the nurse . Nurses should never be used for Dr's worse thing they could of done. ... I hope your getting the care you need having this you need some one that gives full support. Plus how did you make out in your last test

  • First a question, what is "ground glass?". Had another spiromotry test yesterday, good results, gone up from 73 to 79. Then afterwards I saw the gp, she looked at my files and said "gee, you've been taking a big dose of Seretide!", I said "as prescribed, I mentioned last time that I thought the other doctor I saw over dosed me but you gave me the same dose!", she said I think you were right, that is way to much, duh...can you believe it? she said you'll be right, it's only been 2 months so now we will cut down on the dose. Sigh.

  • I was told I had ground glass been google still don't understand fully but there doing up a follow CT scan to see if my lumps are growing but Google it...

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