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Suspected Lung infection

Evening everyone!

After a good session reading and saying hello to you this morning, I had a reasonable day setting myself small targets, then going for a walk with a friend and having a type of afternoon brunch out (even though I did have breakfast this morning).

I had been feeling a lot better.

This evening however I have been coughing quite badly again and feeling low and tired with that strange feeling in my throat / chest again.

I still have the sensation of some sort of blockage in my throat.

I have finished clarithromycin and await another chest x-ray in 4 weeks time.

I suppose we all go through up's and down's.

I would hardly think I have a second infection.

We also got caught in light rain for a short time today.

Any comments welcome.

I will try and go to bed early I think.

I hope you all have a good night.

Kind regards,

Aidi-Joll 🐝💤

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hi try Vicks rubbed on your chest.some steam inflation.:-)


Thanks Flax. Good idea!

A-J 😊


If you still don't feel right, pop back to the gp just to make sure you don't need a second course of tablets to completely clear the infection.

Take care x


Thanks. I'll monitor things tomorrow and pop back Monday if no improvement.




I always feel worse in the evening & at night. Hopefully you'll feel better again in the morning. If you go back to your GP next week, it might be an idea to take a sputum sample to send off for culturing, to make sure you're on the right antibiotics


Hi AJ sometimes we need another round of antibiotics before the chest clears.

I don't know if you are on oxygen but if you are Vicks is a no no its dangerous.

take care hope you are feeling better today

take care

polly xx


Hi Polly

Thanks for that.

I am not on oxygen.

Feeling a bit brighter this morning.

Have a great day too!

A-J 🌻


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