Melanoma and lung cancer

I would like to share something with everyone. I feel it is important. MELANOMA CANCER: If you know someone who gets Melanoma on the skin beware that when it is removed that there are tiny cells left behind that can't be seen. I had melanoma in May 2014. It was removed. In 2015 I told my doctor that my right arm was still tender and sore. She said it was from the RA. In 2016 I told them I was still having problems, It seemed like ever time I had an infusion I would end up with something in my lungs. I had one in Aug 2016 and 7 months later a new nodule show up in my lung. it was already 1.1 cm. Since January and February. I have had blood work, seeing a hematologist, I have had a Cat scans, Pet Scans, bone marrow, and a lung biopsy. My bone biopsy came back blood disease polyveracythemia and my lung biopsy came back metastatic melanoma in the left lung. I am having one more test to make sure that it hasn't spread to my brain and that is an MRI. If is spreads to the brain nothing can be done. I called The American Cancer Society yesterday. I needed help with understanding this all. This is what I want to share with you so if you have a friend or a love one, or even yourself. If cancer spreads to the brain it is not curable. A person's brain wont take in the medication. Maybe they meant melanoma rather then cancer it's self, The melanoma in your lung is in curable. They can remove it but it keeps coming back because it has spread through the blood stream. They will do surgery to remove it and put you on medication to try and kill the T cells. This medication is to bring up the ammuine system lucky me having RA will fight that to bring down my autoimmune. I will try though. You are on this medication until your body because toxic or it just doesn't work anymore. I want everyone to know that if you get melanoma and you feel something that is not right, tell your doctor, keep telling them. My doctor's made me feel like a hypochondriac . I didn't win by proving they were wrong. It doesn't make me feel any better. I am just sadden they didn't listen in the first place.


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  • Hi Danna, I'm soo sorry to hear what your going through, I just can't imagine what it must be like. I remember how I felt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but it's nothing like having melanoma spread. I had some melanoma removed but I haven't had any problems and my dermatologist checks me every three months. Please keep us posted of how your doing. I'll keep you in my prayers. ..hugs.

  • Thank you Tootsie I will. I am not worried about me. Please keep my family and friends in prayer. It will be harder on them, then it will be on me. :)

  • Hi thanks for the warning. You are going through a horrendous time and I hope and pray it's hasn't gone to your brain.

    I had a chain smoking friend who lost weight and had repeated chest infections but the doctor just gave her ab's and didn't investigate further. It turned out she had lung cancer and by the time they found it it was in her brain. She was 46.

    One thing you will find on here again and again is the message - be proactive and push doctors until they break. Many here have suffered through their lack of caring and refusal to refer.

    Please keep us updated and I hope it's good news.

    Hugs x

  • Dear coughalot,

    Melanoma is different than other cancers I am a stage 4 incurable. I am going to fight, but it is not the same as having the other cancer. This has to do with strictly melanoma. I will give updates and thank you so much for your caring and support it makes me feel better....Danna

  • You are more than welcome. I know it is different but I told you that to emphasise the lack of action by doctors and the need to be proactive.

    I am sorry your cancer is incurable, but I hope you still live a long time with it. A lot of it these days is people living with cancer rather than dying from it..

    I love your attitude and determination, stay with us and we will help and support you all we can. Take care. x

  • I am gonna fight as long as it doesn't go to the brain. I am trying to be strong. I think of my grandbabies and it makes it very hard for me.

  • I am a fighter for stage 4 melanoma. I am doing well on Cannabis oil with high thc and low cbd oil. It is dying. The melanoma went into my lymph nodes and bones. My bones are clear and lymph nodes too. Half of my tumors is gone and have half left that is getting smaller. You can kill it. I was suppose to die last year but am still here... Sending tons of prayers for you!

  • Dear LynnTere,

    I will have to tell my son about you. He calls me every day and tells me about the Cannabis oils. You are the first person who has mentioned it. My concern is my RA bring it back. My body has not been able to handle the medication and like clockwork 7 months later I have had nodules, lung disease, cancer 3 times and now this is my fourth except this time it spread to my lung. I am thankful you are still here. God is not done with you yet. I have not seen any doctor's yet since my diagnoses. I don't know how fast this spreads but I don't want it to go any further. Have a wonderful day and thank you...Danna

  • Please start on the cannabis oil. You will see a change of your tumor size within 2 months. I seen it fast. And it is killing it as to where I was to die. I would do it fast. Mine spread everywhere within 8 months to stage 4. Do not play with melanoma. It can kill. I can help you.

  • Oh Danna so sorry to hear your news hope the MRI is clear. It seems to be the case that doctors find it difficult to listen to their patients. Sending love and hugs and let us know the outcome.

  • And difficult to learn from them too queen.

  • Thank you Queen I will. May your day be bright and shinny.

  • Thinking of you and hoping for good news from the MRI scan, big hugs xx

  • Thank you Jaynair...hugs back to you and I hope you have a wonderful day,,,Danna

  • That was a good post Danna and a warning to us all l feel. So sorry that you were not listened to.

    Lots of hugs and prayers for you. Xxxxx

  • It is a warning for all who has had Melanoma and most of all listening to your body, don't let doctor's just push things on you. Lots of hugs back to you and thank you...Danna

  • Thank you for that Danna. Its dreadful that none of the medical profession took your problem seriously in time. I sincerely hope the MRI is clear. Please keep us updated. All best wishes.

  • Thank you Dedalus I will. They kept telling me it was my RA. I am just glad I had one doctor to really look at all my blood and say something is not right here. I still have to control the RA and worry about getting more cancer.. Well you have a wonderful day and thank you very much....Danna

  • Danna my thoughts are with you and you are very good to warn others, cancer that effects the skin can effect internal skin of the same type. Oh how I agree with you about doctors listening, some of them do seem to behave as if a pill will cure all. Some people get ill from the pills prescribed and some treatments make you ill before they make you better. I crossed that path recently in respect of a less serious illness and felt let down by the attitude that there was nothing wrong and even if there was it did not need treatment, to spite the advice on long term treatment of the said chronic illness, actually caused by prescription drugs or made worse by them. As you say it does not help proving them wrong, wish it did.Have a good day.

  • Thank you Katie, Only God and time will take care of this. Right now I am full of raw emotions. I really don't have the support system I should have except on here. I have so much unfinish business and seem to worry how much time I have to get things done. ... Do you know anyone who many blankets started and not finished. Sorry just my sense of humor showing, I just want you to know you made me feel better today, Thank you,

  • Hello Danna you are welcome, take care . Cant help with the blankets but lots of ladies in my widows group could. Never mind the blankets do what you have to for peace of mind, there is never enough support out there what about trying macmillan nurses or BLFs help line for a chat, every little helps as they say. It takes a long time to come to terms with poor diagnosis especially if they treat you as over anxious over your health. Keep speaking out people need to know. xx

  • I deeply sympathise with you Danna. My husband was told his breathing difficulty was Hay Fever, but it was Lung Cancer. I insisted on going back and he did get diagnosed, but it was all over him by then. He was dead in under 5 weeks. He had been given the all clear health wise on February 27th, died on July 5th.

  • Dear Azure_Sky.

    My heart goes out to you. Nothing could compare you for this and no planning. I think doctors should be held accountable. My kids are all in OK. They are the ones I worry about, My daughter just turned 24 and my son will be 28. I was lucky I was in my 40's when my mom died and the pain never went away. Kids always need Mom. I hope you have family to help you. Remember this, your husband is always with you in your heart, mind and spirit. I am sorry for your lost. I want you to know your not walking alone. I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs to you...Danna

  • Thank you Danna, I truly hope you can be helped. My advice to you is to concentrate on your quality of life. Refuse anything with nasty side effects. It isn't worth trying to gain time if it makes you suffer.

  • Boy do I know that one, I was so sick from the medication I was given for my RA for 4 months. The medication worked but was not worth the sickness, then the cancer. Thank you,

  • Hi Danna

    Thank you for your heartfelt message.

    I pray that you would know God's peace whichever path you take.

    Aidi-Joll 🙏

  • Dear Aidi-Joll Right now God is carrying me I do know his peace. He will be leading me down the right path, Thank you for making sure I knew Jesus and he is in my heart. I posted a new one called Reasons for not giving up, something like that..

  • Hello Danna.

    Just saw it.

    Thank you.

    Lovely family! 🌻


  • Thank you.

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