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Just received my form today to claim pip, having to get my husband to help me fill it in, all bit confusing. I feel so stupid, it's hard to explain how I feel most of the time I am so worried about the out come of it,making me feel really depressed and ill. I know this might sound silly to most of you,but it's how I feel.thanks for listening xxx Bernadette 😊

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  • It is a confusing form Damon and you're not stupid at all. If your husband can help then that's great but if not do try the CAB. Good luck to you and hope things go ok.

    Thinking of you. Xxxxx

  • It is not silly at all official forms are a nightmare and can be very upsetting l just like you get myself in knots .The other day we were attempting to fill in form for blue badge on line gave up and hubby going to get a form computer playing silly beggars .These things make a lot of us have panic which then causes us to feel more ill so you are not alone best wishes xx

  • Hi you are best to call in the CAB or a local disability helpline to help you fill the forms in as they know how to word it to fit the descriptors required. Good luck. x

  • Hi I would recommend getting hep to fill in the form try the CAB as they know the right words to use. Also you kan get a lot of help from a web site called benefits and work. Good luck remember to copy the form before you send it in and send it recorded delivery it's amazing how many of these forms go missing or so the DWP say.

  • The forms can feel overwheming; 3 years ago I got all the information together & age concern helped me & gave me a copy. I used this as a template, just updating information. I managed to complete the on line form this time. X

  • Sorry, it was a blue badge application. I am too old for pip. X

  • Thankyou everyone I feel a little better nowxxx😊

  • I helped my partner to fill it in. We did a rough draft and kind of tried to think on a bad day from morning till bedtime what she was like. It took a while and she kept adding things whe she could and then we put it all in order on the form. The DWP gave us about a month till the deadline on the form we sent it a few days begire it was up so we took our time.

    Hope this helps Bernadette and good luck.

  • Bernadette you are certainly not stupid. Been there and the forms are a nightmare. With all respect to your dear husband, if I were you, I would definitely enlist the help of a benefits expert as these forms are tricky and the wording is very important. It can mean the difference between getting the points you should be getting and not. If you contact either of the following: Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL they should be able to help you. Ring them as soon as though. Believe me it will take a lot of the stress away and help ease the depression. It is difficult as the whole system makes you concentrate on negative things but you have to think of it as a means to an end.

    Please enlist some professional help. You will still have to do the face to face yourself but your benefits expert will help with the forms massively. Ask them for a copy of everything before they send them. Offer to pay the postage.

    Remember don't ever answer just yes or no. If you can;t do something you must explain why eg. pain, breathless. If you can do something but not as easily as someone fit and well say so eg. if you take a shower and wash you hair and you have to keep stopping because of eg pain, breathlessness or you have to sit down between. Yes you can shower but explain the difficulties.

    Although they ask for consultant and doctors addresses they don't always contact them. I made sure I got my own and sent them with the form.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.


  • thankyou all so much I will certainly take all of the advice given to me. Will let you know how things go😊 Bernadette XXX

  • Keep a copy of everything and don't rush. From my experience even worse if you do the form for someone with autism, as I did for my son. He is perfectly capable of cooking washing etc but quite incapable of filling in a form or recognising danger! I wish you all the best and hope you get what you need. xx

  • thankyouxxx 😊

  • Dont be daft we all felt like that when filling out that PIP form...the best advice i can give u is when u answer the questions treat it as if its the worst day ur havin when ur illness kicks in...dont say u r ok doin things sometimes if when ur ill u struggle to do those things.. there are sites online that help with filling out the form..no one is say lie but exarating ur situation helps..trust me ..good luck x 😊

  • thankyou I will remember thatxxx😊

  • We tend to see these forms as exam papers, so panic. They are just a way for us to get across our situation, even though the scoring criteria is not as straightforward as we might imagine it should be. There is no "nightmare" or element of evil, it is just a piece of paper and you are in control.

    But there are ways to fill it in so that you increase your chances and ways to lessen your chances of an award, so it is important to know the best way.

    I will give a link to the benefits and work website, the PIP page, on it there is a PIP self test.

    You may take this self test as many times as you wish, and your score is given immediately.

    This should help enormously, and remember, getting into a tizz about it helps no-one, especially you..


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