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I wonder if anyone can help hubby started to paint living room ceiling whilst I was in hospital still only quarter done because of the oxygen the whole room needs painting and he has asked me to ask. If any one can recommend a good paint to use with me being on oxygen quick drying if possible and how long I should stay upstairs whilst it being done and drying thanks xx

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  • Hi T2D, we have had silk emulsion on the walls and it is low odour and dried really quickly. The ceiling is matt white and low odour too. Hope that helps. We used Dulux but others are available. Xxxx

  • Thanks wondering how long will have to stay upstairs because I understand can't have compressor on whilst he decorating x

  • Hello Time_to_drink

    Johnstones paints are low odour or near enough odour free. I use their water based gloss on doors and skirtings for any other paint is strictly no no. You can get them on Amazon too.

    They have a good site too where you can ask questions.'s-brilliant-white-matt-emulsion---10l-375295?_$ja=tsid:49590|cid:320622016|agid:13852804816|tid:pla-259288536682|crid:92294104576|nw:g|rnd:10976809180884731030|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=COC4yPq8ktICFca37Qodp6QJCA

    Hope you find it suitable.


  • I have emailed johnstones will have to stay upstairs I reckon because I don't think compressor can be on around paint. Xx

  • Hope they can be of some help to you T2d.


  • They have passed message to technical department hope to hear from them probably be tomorrow now x

  • We wait now for the warmer weather to do decorating, that way we can have all the windows open to help it dry quicker and stop odours getting trapped in the house. Good to hear about the Johnson's low odour paints though :) x

  • Thanks just looks odd with quarter of ceiling done when I emailed johnsons thanks to Jennifer's link they sent me a reply and phone number if wanted to speak to them X

  • Paints are water based now. When I painted this place I don't recall any fumes or smell. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't have a compressor on. Gas hobs and boilers are fine. For ceilings I bought a roller with a telescopic extension handle, brilliant thing, no going up and down steps, makes it twice as fast.

  • It dries vary quickly, minutes. Make sure you use water based for the woodwork.

  • Thanks sure I was told not to be around paint with oxygen on will have to find out

  • If you need a paint with no odour at all try Lakeland eco paints. They do all types in a wide range of colours.

  • Thank you will look them up do they sell in shops or on line

  • I buy them on line. They arrive the next day beautifully packed. Bit expensive but with very severe Copd I don't use anything else.

  • Will get him indoors to look at them

  • Try dulex paint as have all ways use it as no smell with it

  • Thanks

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