My little thought for the day

It's snowing in Swansea and I'm just off to the park with my little dog Ben

It's been a busy week what with visits to doctors and hospital and getting diagnosed with cervical spondylosis on top of all my other crap and I've got to say I'm grateful for the crap I've been through because I have learned more about life in the last five than the previous 48 years

I know it's been hard at times(including a few near death experiences) but I'm still here and feel life is getting better by the day

My tip for today is n acetyl cysteine capsules - they have made a huge difference to my mornings - no more spending two hours coughing up muck - noticed a huge difference in just three days

Off to the park now - I'll check back when I get home

All the best


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  • Have a lovely walk, my dogs love the snow

  • We had a great time as usual - Ben's having his breakfast so he's super happy

  • Morning Yogiado! How lovely to be walking out in the snow! Hope it's not too cold for you. The exercise is certainly beneficial to you & your little dog Ben.

    Let us know how your walk went 🌼

  • We met all our friends we meet up with everyday - Ben was chatting up the girls as usual - he is such a tart

  • its raining here today , hope ben enjoys his walk in the snow

  • Just got back - he's flat out on my legs

  • could be worse could be the other way round

  • Good point

  • Have a fun day and take care. Xxxx

  • Thank you

  • Is that Swansea Wales? I'm there too and haven't seen a flake!!!

  • Hello Dragonmum,

    I like Flakes, but they disappear too quickly...twirls last a bit longer......

  • Better late then never...I'm glad you both enjoyed your walk. It's great to hear that each day sees an improvement. Keep going:-)

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