Constant coughing

Hi all, hope you can give me some advice please. I've got a very bad & constant cough, which most times, is very hard to stop. Got an aching pain, because of the strain of the coughing, all around my head. Started getting the cough on Tuesday, last week. Since then, it has gone quickly worse. As of now, this Sunday night, been coughing for most of the weekend, so I've now got a very sore chest & my breathing is uncomfortable. Originally thought the cough is from my Barrett's Oesophagus condition. Have I got just a bad cold, of maybe a dose of the flu? Don't seem to have a high temperature, only constant sneezing & very regular blowing my nose! Thanks.

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  • Hi Munsterdave "Welcome" to our forum. Just noticed your post before turning in for the night.

    We aren't Doctors on here so are unable to diagnose whether or not your cough is caused by a cold, flu or something else. Prolonged coughing isn't to be taken lightly and as you have been coughing since last Tuesday I would advise you to make an appointment to see your GP.

    If you have anymore concerns, please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

    Wishing you well.


  • I agree with past I also had this for three months and then just this week the constant cough and wheeze and breathing problems calmed. Sometimes mine is also related to my LPR reflux so theres a chamce your barretts could be the cause. See your GP and hope u get better

  • Maybe you are allergic to somethings . Is there anything new in your environment - house or garden etc perfumes , shower gel etc etc think about it and try an antihistamine you can buy over the counter . Firstly good idea to speak with a doctor .Good luck

  • There is a particularly bad virus going around at the minute - I had a chest infection which produced a severe cough for weeks. Only just getting over it now- a lot of my colleagues had it too. Always wise to go to GP to get checked over though if you have a cough that lasts for longer than a week or so, Get well soon

  • There is a really nasty cough going the rounds. I have read recently that the best thing and far better than any cough medicine is to drink pure pineapple juice. It certainly helped me.

  • Hi Munsterdave, get yourself to the doctor ASAP. I don't want to alarm you but my daughter ( she's 45 & normally fit & healthy ) had exactly the symptoms you describe & had been unwell for quite some time. She eventually gave in last Monday & got an emergency appointment - she has pneumonia. I'm not saying that you have but it needs checking out. Take care & hope you feel better soon.

  • Sounds like a winter cold or bug , but only your Gp can decide that. Immediate appointment needed, good luck with solving it.

  • Sounds like you may have gotten around something that aggravated one of your other medical problems.

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