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Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am soon to go for tests to see if I am eligible for a lung transplant. My COPD is at the serious stage now and i am 63. I am scared to be honest, I have been told all the ins and outs. Can anyone relate to this, i thought i would have the tests then see ...I am very grateful for this opportunity..but nervous.


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12 Replies

  • one of our members were called in from the transplant team yesterday but the best one to tell you is Tony he has put up a post on hear today.

    welcome to the site

  • Thank you onamission, I am not sure how to find Tony, where do i look please.

  • He put up a post matt cass is on the way he is known as Dall if you click on his name you will get his profile then you can send him a private message or just reply to him in the post and he will get back to you

  • Many thanks.

  • Your welcome Tony is the best one to talk to he's a really nice guy and has been through this so he will be able to help you take care

  • I have found him, and sent a message, thanks so much .

  • If you look to the top right you will see 'Related Posts'. There should be more information for you there.

  • G'day Ross

    We have been there and are now post transplant, albeit in Australia.

    If I can assist you please pm me.

  • i had my tplant in march 2016 just ask ill tell you anything you want to know and dont be scared it is not as bad as you think take it with both hands id do it again in a hartbeat

  • Thank question that pops up all the time is...IF i don't have long left, is it worth me going through all this. I suppose that's a cowardly thought....I have been told both my lungs are severely damaged, I am on all the meds oxygen. no one will tell me how long I have. Just writing this I can see it is fear... Did you need a lot of help post op? I live alone. Would I be able to manage? I appreciate your honesty, thank you .

  • Hi Ross 35, I too have had my 4 day Assessment for Double Lung Transplant, I am on the List, and I have to go to Hospital every 4 Months , it's called a " Tracking test" to make sure I'm still valid to stay on the List. I have 95/98 % Anti Bodies, which means I will have to Wait longer than most for a match, I have been on the List over 1 year now, I keep going to Exercise Class , twice a week and do exercises at home on Oxygen for about 16/20 hours a day, Because of Steroids and having to pack my Job in 2 years ago I started putting on Weight, That is the battle I have now, to keep the weight down or they won't operate. I'm Lucky to have my hubby to look after me now and Post Op, you will need someone to be with you for a little while. Good Luck Ross 35, keep my Fingers crossed for you . xxx

  • Hi there Hacienda,

    Lovely to hear from you, looks like we are both on the waiting list eh? Have you got your bag packed, ready to go!! Do the steroids put weight on you? They do me...but remember you will need to have some weight on you to keep you well in post op.I go next week for my 'tracking test' i am a bit concerned, because I have had 2 infections and pneumonia since i saw them!! However Positive attitude is strong thank goodness. I go to Wythenshaw, where are you going. I live alone but I have great support from Community Matron , plus I attend a local hospice here for exercises twice a week. Then do Pulmonary Rehab once a week. I am still not fit fit but least i am trying like you. Kseep me posted on how you are going on please, and take care


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