Should I be worried?

Hi guys dolly here hope your all doing well! So I saw my consultant as I told you and had a chest x-ray on my birthday last Friday I had a letter to go for a chest ct scan which I went yesterday! I'm feeling so anxious is this normal to have to have 1 of these and why? I don't even know my results from the x-ray and why I had to have ct scan shouldn't I know more about my body! Why am I not in the loop here!! Am I petrified for nothing or something?! I also have had a chronic pain in my right lower chest area for a week but I'm so scared right now I won't even c my gp! I think my fiancé is getting sick of my moaning but he doesn't understand how I'm feeling and to be honest I really don't want to live the rest of my life feeling like this!😭 I'm so anxious I can't even get up in the morning anymore! I wanna know what's wrong with me I want to be able to breath normally!😩 I'm sick and tired! And I'm sorry for this post but I have nobody to rant at! Much love to you all x

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  • Hi Dolly, try not to let things get you down too much. A ct scan is good for showing things up so is more detailed. Nothing to be too worried about but do ask for results of any tests if you can.

    Do see your GP if you are in pain as he may be able to help.

    We are here for you so never suffer in silence. Good luck, xxxx

  • It is very important to see your GP. It is good that you have had a ct scan. I don't know where you are, as some doctors are more helpful about ordering ct scans than others.

    Try to deal with this one step at a time, don't believe what you read on google, as you will scare yourself out of your wits.

  • Hi Dolly,

    It isn't unusual for a CT scan to be done. It will show the consultant far more detail of your lungs than a basic chest xray in order for him/her to be able to make an accurate diagnosis and then decide how best to treat you. Results of scans and xrays can take a couple of weeks sometimes to be sent to the doctor who requested them, so it is likely that you will get the results when you next see your consultant if he/she requested them.

    It's easier said than done not to worry and feel anxious but these will make your breathlessness much worse and getting test results takes time so try not to stress yourself out while waiting.

    Anxiety can also cause chest pain but you really should get this pain checked out with your GP.

  • Thank you for your comments guys means a lot!:) I'm trying not to worry it's just hard but I'm going to try to remain positive! Thank you so much xx

  • Ring your consultant's secretary in a couple of weeks and ask if you can have results sent to you. Also your GP will get them so go to them in at the same time and ask for them, it is your body. Ct scans are often used to confirm or otherwise what X-ray shows. Be thankful you have a careful doctor. All the best.

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