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Never been offered a nebuliser


Hi all.

I hope everybody is in good health.

I'm still getting over the horrendous chest infection/cough I've had since New Years eve😩but I'm getting there

Since having this infection,I started to use a neb (I've had one for years,but it's never been used),and I've found it has helped me tremendously with breathing.

I still get sob,but seem to be able to get that deep breath when I need it.

I'm only using saline solution through it,but I'm just amazed at what it's done for me in a positive way😊

I'm just puzzled as to why I have never been offered to use a nebuliser by my gp or nurse,if it helps as much as it has

Happy new year to all.


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Hi Fantasy, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. There's been a lot of colds, coughs & infections around lately. Suppose it's just normal though for this time of year.

I have a nebuliser at home, given to me by my GP to use if I have an infection. He supplied the salbutamol ampoules to go in it. I also can use saline.

You're right, it does help a lot to clear the chest. Hope you're getting over your infection now 🌼

Hi Fantasy.

Really pleased that you're starting to feel a bit better, and that you've found something that works well for you.

Take care. Pam XXX 😊🌷

good to hear your improving , it was the consultant that wanted me to try a nebuliser , the gp or nurses didn't say anything about me having one , I only use it if really bad like when I have a chest infection and it has stopped me going to hospital a couple of times ,

Thanks all.

I get to see a consultant for the first time in 6 years next month.

See what he has to say.x

shadow4me in reply to Fantasy3

I bet you are in the UK x

Fantasy3 in reply to shadow4me


shadow4me in reply to Fantasy3

It seems us in the UK only get to see one when we are admitted to hospital .Well in West Sussex anyway .I hope it goes well for you x

mmzetor in reply to Fantasy3

good luck with the consultant , mine lent me one to trial then I had to buy my own , I bought 1 from lidil really good machine for the money ,

Hi Fantasy, when I get an infection, a couple days with the nebulizer and my steroid inhaler fixes me right up. Opens your lungs right up. So glad your feeling better. I believe if more people used them, they could catch their infection before it gets bad. Ruby🌹

I am like Mm, I have one for emergencies.....but I know when I need to seek help if things get worse and my A and E is only five minutes away.

I know some GPs are worried that some people may misuse them and not get professional help when it is necessary.

We are all different.....I tend to rely on my preventer medication , only use the reliever when I have to.

I have one provided by respiratory team I had one first on loan. My instructions were to only use it with ventolin nebs when I have an infection. The reason given was that if I use it on a regular basis I have no-where to go when I get an infection. I was very grateful as I know not everyone gets them for free.

Hi clematis

I actually bought one years ago,for my dog who had help her breath.

I was told by my nurse to use saline in my neb as my chest infection had got so bad,I really was struggling to breath.

Now that I am on the mend,I wouldn't use it as I am able to cough up on my own.

Thanks for the advice


I have servere COPD and have never been offered one ,I have had this virus over xmas and still not right .Im glad you feel better x

Fantasy3 in reply to shadow4me

Maybe you could invest in one shadow4me?

I have severe copd,and I have found it a godsend.


They don't hand them out i got told if i had one I might over use it like where children wish I could give them my lung disease and I had their good lungs and me say to them your not having a nebulizer see how they get on am i bitter YES I AM

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