Pneumonia with shoulder pain

Hello, I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with pneumonia, though I am asthmatic this is the first time I have had pneumonia and was in hospital for a week. Since having pneumonia I have had a sharp pain in my shoulder on the same side as the pneumonia in my right lung, at times the pain has been excruciating, particularly on sleeping on my right side, picking up light objects or eating a meal at the table. I have also just been told that the ex-ray I had last week has come back clear, so if it has come back clear why am I still getting the pain? Is the pain normal with pneumonia or should I get rechecked over with my doctor?

Many thanks



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6 Replies

  • So sorry that I can't help, but maybe you should ring your surgery and discuss your concerns with your doctor.

    Good luck and I hope that you're feeling better soon.

    Pam XXX

  • Hi I agree with pam I would see your GP again about the pain in your shoulder. If your X-ray was clear the pain in your shoulder must be caused by something else. Let us know how you get on x

  • Cant give you an answer Laylay, but there are several things it could be - maybe leftover pain from the pneumonia, or you could have pulled a muscle or even fractured something coughing, or you could have a bit of pleurisy. Or something else I haven't thought of :)

    Definitely go back to your doctor to discuss this - hope you get sorted.

  • Thank you to everyone who replied , will take your advice and go back to my doctor.

    Will keep you posted on outcome.

  • Good luck laylay.

  • I have the same experience was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 months ago and after 2-3 weeks I noticed intermittent shoulder pain in the same side where the pneumonia was found, how are you now laylay Im just worried of something severe than pneumonia..

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