Pneumonia and lung nodules

Hi, I've had pneumonia twice in 14 months, the first time I had a ct scan with contrast, and the doctors were worried about nodules, then a repeat ct without contrast showed no nodules. Now this has happened twice!

Are the nodules there or not? If they don't show up on non contrast does that mean they are not worrisome? I'm having another X-ray to check that a lung "shadow" has that the same as nodules?

Sorry for the long post, but I'm most confused, and a little worried now..

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  • Sometimes lung shadows and suspect nodules that vanish can be signs of infection e.g. from pnemonia which you have had.

    If your concerned and they are keeping an eye on them see if your specialist or GP can maybe do another CT scan with contrast as these do show up more than CTs without contrast. Take care

  • A new ct scan with contrast needs to be done really,to show like for like with your previous contrast enhanced one.I was told rescan is necessary to check if nodules have enlarged or not over you know what size the nodules are?

  • Thank you for replying. I cannot remember the actual size, but I do remember that it fell just under the new guidelines for investigation, which has apparently gone up from 3 to 5 (assuming cm).

    Having repeat X-ray today then seeing GP in 10 days for result, will have to go from there I think, but thanks again.

  • Hi essdobs good luck with the X-ray and result, it sounds as if they are not too concerned and hopefully it will have dissapeared or at least not increased at all.nodules can do either of those things or do nothing at all,in which case they are considered benign. If there are no changes as such they very often do repeat scans over the course of 2/3 years to check it's staying ok but hopefully yours will have dissapeared!they will only do repeat ct scans if it's thought that benefit outways risk due to the radiation doses in the ct's.

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