I haven't posted in quite awhile....Hello everyone!

Though I haven't posted for a long time I have been checking in every now and again hoping to see everyone doing well! I had a second cancer (gene/ hereditary variety) to deal with and concentrated on what had to be done while coping and continuing to be as productive as I could. Its been 18 months and so far so good! The surgeon looking at CT Scan results said he classed my copd (emphysema) as severe and wanted a clearance from the lung specialist before surgery. Up to that point because I don't have obstruction and have a good FEV 1 (terrible gas exchange though) I had thought I was more moderate. Another side of copd I hadn't given much thought to before it makes every health problem a challenge more complicated and difficult. Like gee one problem at a time!! Now I notice exercise is harder though I do make a point of walking at least 10,000 steps per day (unless my fitbit tells fibs) . The first kilometer I could very easily quit but then the rhythm sets in and the gasping eases. Even small inclines require determination! Does anyone else feel depressed that the level of fitness really doesn't improve? By that I mean I can do the same track day after day and not feel it gets easier from repetition. I should probably just be grateful that I can still do it regardless of how hard it is. Happy new year to everyone. Lets hope this is the year some clever dedicated person finds a cure for our problem.

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  • Hi Suz, hope things continue to progress well for you and wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Thanks Sassy hope all is well with you xx

  • All good so far thank you Suz. Xxxxx

  • Hello Suz. Things did become easier for me recently when I did the PR course. I just need to get to the gym now so that I can maintain it!

    Wishing you all the best and a good 2017.

    Pam XXX

  • Hi Pam let me know when you start at the gym! xx

  • glad to hear your surgery went well , the copd part its good you are getting the exercise and pushing yourself to do it , it may not seem any easier but hopefully it will help stop it progressing , I find some days a lot better than others , consultant class me as severe but my numbers were more in moderate range but he went by ct scan and dlco numbers ,

  • Hey Malcolm, its odd isn't it when seemingly with no obvious changes one day can be different to the next. However yep we just have to keep pushing through. Your situation sounds very much like mine with the numbers versus the ct scan. Hope your doing well and all things bright and beautiful for 2017 xx

  • im not doing too bad at min thank you trying to stay away from all the bugs going round at min , son has a bad cold at min so finger crossed I don't get that ,

  • I have asthma & mixed copd & I am just 4 years post lobectomy, like you my fitness level went real down. I try to do 10000 steps daily but it took me a couple of years to achieve. Even now I I soon get out of breath & if I can't walk for a day or two, I decondition very quickly. But isn't it good to be alive and cancer free. Happy new year to you. X

  • Life is wonderful Margaret and we are in the blessed section. Congratulations fours years on! Do hope your feeling much better after your recent infection. xx

  • Hello Suz, good to see you again, hope your progress is continueing into the new year, who knows maybe this year might be the one to find a cure. Stem Cell treatment sounds a possible option for the future, so remain hopeful and live each day in full is my motto xx

  • Hello Katie! Hope all is good with you. I've seen a few bits on stem cell research. I need to go back & read through properly. I've researched so much with the other problems my brain was in need of a rest lol. Hopefully there is good things in the pipeline. Meantime yes we need to be hopeful and positive. xx

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