Am I on the wrong website

Hi all, as a victim of COPD I enjoy this website but I have of late wondered if I have pushed a wrong button or something because I seem to have ended up on a website which deals with thyroid problems. I have no problems with sufferers of thyroid as my very own sister had surgery on her thyroid a few years ago which was life-changing for her. Perhaps there is another site which relates to COPD which in turn relates to my problem. Apologies to thyroid sufferers as I do not wish to offend.

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  • Don't know how that happened T12 but you're definitely here now. It's probably just a little technical glitch but if it keeps happening then maybe you should email HU staff about it.

  • Click on 'My Communities' (above) and look at what is in there. If one of them is a thyroid site that you do not want to belong to then click on it to be taken to the site, where you can then click on 'Unfollow' to no longer be a member there. :)

  • I'm also on a Forum which I don't wish to be on. Can't find the "Unfollow" button-Help please!! X

  • If you look above you will see a button that says 'unfollow' (on the right next to 'write a post') - don't push that it is for here! But there is a similar button on every forum so that you can choose to follow or unfollow just by clicking on it.

  • Thank you so much 😊

  • You are welcome. :)

  • You are in the right place now so that's a good thing. Xxxx

  • yes im uncertain sometimes as all i can find is general posts or those relating to pets.

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