A good day

Mum looks good today she has been awake this morning until about an hour ago now she's asleep but that's good as normally she would be asleep straight after breakfast her oxygen levels today are 72 which is not brilliant but better than 63 so today is a good day so far she still looks very gray but had a good morning with her she is very chesty today also but we have had a lovely morning lots of laughter I will treasure these moments forever xx

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  • Nice to be having a better day with your dear mum and memories to treasure always. Lots of love xxxxxx

  • So pleased that you've had some special time together today and that your mum is a bit better.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thank you for sharing that with us, Chezzy. Your mum sounds more relaxed and it's lovely that you've been laughing together. Precious moments indeed. Love, Sue xxx

  • Hello Chezzy. It's a little bit of better news today, and that your Mum is able to have a laugh will do you both the world of good. Hang on to these times, they certainly are the stuff of lovely memories:-)


  • I am so pleased to here your mother is so much better today. Hope she continues to improve. Stay strong love Berny XXX 😊

  • So please you had a lovely morning with your Mum, hold on to the memories .xx

  • Lovely news Chezzy, hope your Mum continues to feel improved. It will be lovely for you to spend some special time with your Mum. Take care 🌹

  • It's lovely to hear Mum has had an improvement Chezzy, fingers crossed there'll be more days like this. So happy for you.

  • Hello Chezzy

    I've not replied to to you before as you have had many responses to your posts ,and many reflect the thoughts and feelings I have had

    And this is probably the case with lots of members that you also have not heard from but we are all wishing your Mum and yourself everything good and thinking of you both ......and your last mail today relating your laughter together and things being on the better side I thought was great

    Chezzy you are showing to be such a wonderfull person !

    I am thinking of you both


  • Hear, hear.

  • Thanks

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