It's a new yr

Well right before Christmas I ended up on two antibiotics but doc's didn't up my hydrocortisone...On the phone with my sis and she says to me I'm having a stroke hand the phone to my daughter. She explained what was going to happen and to let them iin and called 911 for me and I'm half out of it . EMTs get here I don't remember much except standing up and falling back. I was unconscious for the next 18 hours. By not upping my hydrocortisone dose being on 2 antibiotics I had nothing left and had complete adrenal shut down and spent 5 days in the hospital recovering from this. Extremely scary experience. I could have died if I was alone. Or when I fell if I would have hit the wrong item with my head. Driving a car it haunts me to think that I am stuck on this medication for the rest of my life .....

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  • What an awful experience. Hope you are feeling better now and 2017 is better for you.

  • That sounds terrible and l hope things are improving now. Wishing you well for 2017. Xxxxxx

  • Wow - you were so lucky your sister realised what was happening and that you had your daughter there to call 911. Hope you're feeling better now. Hope 2017 is a healthy and happy one for you. All best wishes.

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