Ouch! Foot injury, chest infection and solitary confinement...happy 2017!!!

Hello dear friends and best wishes for 2017. On December 1st I suffered a severe ankle sprain and also a hairline fracture in my 2nd metatarsal bone while out walking and was advised to keep all weight off my foot. I am now in a hefty big boot thing and on crutches for the next 6 weeks, possibly more. Last week the dreaded head cold and then chest infection hit me and I finally had to take my emergency supply of antibiotics. People put up with worse things, I know, but living alone, I find this a real challenge. Some good neighbours are helping out now and then which is great, but psychologically, this is so, so hard. I keep thinking my foot will never heal and I won't get out for my walks again! It all happened simply by stepping off a kerb and my ankle twisting under! Nothing spectacular! Isn't life a drag sometimes. My new year's resolution is to watch how I step off kerbs...and maybe find a pleasant companion to run around for me whenever I do something like this again. Any offers?!

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I feel like saying slowmoving! I fell down the stairs once, broke left ankle and sprained the right, so I was literally off my legs. Husband took over the cooking. It was a tedious period, especially as we had planned a holiday in China. The bliss of having the plaster removed was sheer joy!!!!

I now live alone and am very conscious that I need to keep my independence, whatever it takes. I do sympathise and wish you well. Wish I could pop in stillstanding, and make a cuppa for you. You are never completely alone with us all in the forum. Love pergola xx

Oh dear Pergola, I can fully understand now how awful that must have been for you! Yes, I think it's really dawned on me that when you become immobile and live alone, you need to have plenty of people nearby to help out and also a really positive outlook, which I an struggling with right now. This forum is always a help, as you say. Take care of your ankles!!!! My new motto.

Xx Stillmovin (not the best choice of pen name! )

Oh dear Stillmovin, not good for you but hope things improve soon. Would volunteer the help but Pete might have something to say about that. Take care. Xxxx

Don't worry Sassy, I think I'm going to manage for a while, thanks for offer and Pete can breathe a sigh of relief. Hahaha!

Awful SM - Im so sorry. Ive done that myself though it was an ankle bone which fractured; then did the same thing again the next year; then the following year fell of my bike crashing onto right foot and broke 3 metatarsals. So take it from one who knows, you WILL heal, but oh so tedious in the meantime. If I lived nearby I'd be only too happy to do chores for you. Anyway, a good resolution :)

Perhaps you can see the time you'll be sick with the chest infection as time when the foot will also be healing - it would be worse to get the ankle better and then to go down with the chest infection wouldn't it? Are there any implications re your hypermobility of fracturing your ankle? I didnt experience any but then I don't think my hypermobility is anywhere near as bad as yours. But it does contribute to the tendons being stretchier and having an increased tendency not to give sufficient support so that the ankle can easily twist.

Since this is a cr*p start to 2017 for you, then at least it can only get better as you heal. Hope you're looking after yourself with the chest infection - ginger tea, made by pouring boiling water onto grated ginger root always helps me, and garlic in the food, hopefully the nice neighbours would get you these things. Vitamin C as well - the more you can back up the antibiotics the better. Also I was told by an Indian nurse when i was in hospital not to have any dairy products while I was sick (ok rest of the time). She had learnt that from the elders in her village and it's really helped me when Im ill.

Wishing you better and sending big love for 2017 and your recovery xxx

Wow O2 you certainly don't do things by half ! Hmmmm. I do think the hypermobility had an influence in my injury, as I had been getting carried away with my walking leading up to that day and was starting to get a little bit faster, to see how much I could push myself, so I may well have loosened up a ligament or tendon and also set the scene for a stress fracture too. There is usually a pattern to events prior to me having a sudden accident...it was just ready to happen.

Yes, I notice that I cough up more phlegm after I have eaten anything with a little dairy in it so I try to avoid it. I take vit c supplements everyday but unfortunately have problems with garlic due to acid reflux, although I really do miss it in my food.

Many thanks for your helpful words and yes, I have to look on the bright side and think about healing and being up and about rather than fretting over the rubbish TV programmes that are on all day! I put it on a sit is provides noise in the background!

All the best for this new year to you too. X

Acid reflux - bummer. A physio I saw a few years back for hypermobility problem with my hips said acid reflux is directly linked to hypermobility. I guess the tissue laxity must affect the LES and/or diaphragm (hiatus hernia), but it could have happened anyway without H/M. I find garlic is ok as long as it's buried inside other food. And ginger is great for digestion.

I actually had another ankle injury I didnt mention - soft tissue but still necessitated a plaster cast. That was four ankle injuries over 5 years, it's fine now but I think my ankle must be held together with scar tissue :D

Blimey! Sounds like you have been through the wars with foot injuries. I went through a really bad phase of soft tissue problems a few years back but it was one wrist, then both elbows, then my left knee. They all remain a bit vulnerable now as it took me months to heal up from each injury. However, none left me completely housebound as this foot one has. I have been out in a taxi to the GP surgery recently and I've got three hosp appointments this month for which I will try to arrange hosp transport, but even the walking on the boot and with the crutches to and from the taxi or hosp transport leaves me suffering with foot aches overnight, however, I still have to get to these appointments, as they are important. Xx

I think it's important that you are walking on it even if it hurts. I wasn't allowed to for three weeks and when the cast came off I had skinny twigs for legs, totally gone were the muscles. They came back of course but so weak until they did.

It will take a while to heal and feel stronger again - just take it gradually and be careful, you don't need another fall. Take care :)

Poor you, stillmovin, I can't imagine how you must feel coping alone. When I'm bedbound with my flare-ups, I feel really emotional, frustrated and angry because I can't look after myself and I have 2 wonderful son's living with me. I just hate the feeling of helpless and the sense of vulnerability it causes. and I've never stayed in bed more than two days !!!

Do you do online shopping? My practically housebound friend swears by it.

I hope your ankle heals quickly and your soon back on your feet. xx

Hi there. Well, I thank God for online groceries delivery and I am now asking them to carry it all into my kitchen for me, where I used to unload it from the delivery guy at the front door...it all helps. I also ordered a small shower stool from Amazon last night (I'm having a bad time with showers and bathing now) and some great Tom Hanks DVDs too. Probably spending more than when I'm up and about, but needs must! Yes, online shopping is a Godsend indeed for the housebound. I know what you mean about hating to feel as if you cant look after your own needs, however temporarily that may be. It can be a scary thought but I have to learn to stop catastrophisong I suppose.

Thanks for your kind thoughts Casper and Happy 2017 to you.


Hi SM better call you NM for the time being... how awful for you and what a lousy start to the new year. Look at it this way - things can only get better from now on. The time will fly by you will see and you will soon be up and running round again.

I live on my own too and the thought of becoming immobile even temporarily scares me witless. Like you said thank goodness for online groceries. Pass the time of day with us and we will keep you cheerful. Look after yourself. x

Hi coughalot, thanks for words of encouragement, they are welcome at this time of frustration and gloominess, believe me! Well, I think this is teaching me to start thinking about being better prepared for coping indoors when things like this happen, because they will and I sometimes think, when I'm feeling well and walking around happily, that I'm 100% invincible and nothing could possibly happen to me again!!!! I suppose we all do when we feel well! I'm getting prepared anyway: I've ordered a shower stool at least and after I heal up I shall look at other things I can do to help in case this happens again. Happy 2017 to you and I do hope you have been keeping well. Xx notmovin

Yes I understand what you are saying SM. Just things like keeping crackers in or bread in the freezer with lots of tins can be useful when you can't get out and about. A shower stool is good too.

I have been poorly on and off since before xmas and thought my ab's and steroids were keeping whatever it was at bay, but am feeling the same again. Very tired and very achy and no motivation. Oh well I guess it will pass eventually. Compared to you I count myself grateful. x

Sorry that you've been feeling under the weather coughalot. Everyone around me has or has just had flu and sore throats, etc since before Christmas. Family, friends, neighbours, people in the Accident and Emergency at hospital. Now my sister tells me they have all been hit with norovirus in her family!! Take your antibiotics as it is the best thing you can do. I'm on the last day of my emergency pack of doxycycline for the chest cold/infection I was hit with last week (although GP said she didn't think I had one as my temp is fine). The GPs don't fully know bronchiectasis patterns though so I have to go by how I feel when I'm well and how to spot the warning signs ... And I ain't taking any chances!! Take care and hope you are a bit more perky soon. Being motivated is a big problem for me too!


Same here SM everyone has been ill it seems. My charity shop was closed for the odd day as even the fill in manager has been ill too. I have finished my ab's and steroids but still feel dodgy. I have no more to take now. Will wait until next week and if I'm feeling no better will visit the doctors :( x

What a nightmare for you SM, I live alone too and it is frightening to be ill. Have you considered getting ankle boots with zips, to wear when you recover? They would help keep your ankles stable.

While I was housebound for 8 weeks, after an eye operation and I was blind on one eye with poor vision in the other, I used Wiltshire Farm Foods. They only need about 10-15 minutes in the microwave.

I have just placed an order with Oakhouse foods as they do bigger portions. I found I stopped eating proper dinners, when I stopped having them delivered.

Hi there. Good idea about the food ordering. It's something to keep in mind. Xx

Hello Stillmoving, hope your injuries are slowly improving now the new year is here, what a terrible end to 2016 for you. Glad you have good neighbours to help, take care and best wishes for a good recovery. xxx

Thanks Katie and happy 2017 to you.

I have about 2 reliable neighbours but of course, I only ask them now and then to help me out. I live in flats and it is surprising how many folk live here yet there are so few I feel I could go to for help. That's life now I suppose. I must admit I was feeling a bit low before the accident and hated being stuck indoors on my own the whole day, so I was out and about everyday. To me, this is the worst thing that could happen...to be indoors for such a long stretch! Is someone up there trying to teach me something, I don't know! Xx

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