Hang on for another couple of days

,family coming to us tomorrow for a buffet lunch / tea,,,,,so I just need to hang on to my health a little bit longer ,,,so I can entertain them and prepare a lovely tea, ,, I think a chest infection is lingering around me the last couple of days ,,,so hoping it doesnt develop any more overnight,,,,,I've done well so far over the Christmas period ,, ,

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  • Do hang on Nanny! Good luck. Xxxxx

  • Hanging sassy hanging ,,,,haha ,xx

  • Hang on in there nanny. Just one more day and then you can be a couch potato for as long as it takes you to recover.

  • My thoughts exactly ,, Billiejean , ,

  • would love to find out about my family,just don't know where to startxx

  • ?

  • Oh Georgina, I do hope you're not coming down with an infection. Hope you have a great day with your family tomorrow but don't overtire yourself.

    I'm sure everyone will lend a hand tidying up! Have fun! 🎉🎊

  • I'm sitting here saying that can go in the oven now ,, you need to plate that up , you need to ,,, I'm sure hubby will turn round and say ,, and you can,,,, , haha,,,bet bungalow boy would ,,, haha,

  • Oh no! Typical isn't it? Poor you, enjoy as much as you're able & get well soon🤧😷🤒

  • Typical indeed Jessy ,, ,,I will thankyou ,xx🍾🌟🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🙇‍♀️😷

  • I hope you don't get another infection , hope you have a good time with the family tomorrow , I expect poor Eddie will be rushed of his feet tomorrow getting everything ready .

  • Thanks Malcom but sadly the infection has arrived ,,too late to send in a sample for testing so started standbys ,, ,,,,so yes hubby is being very helpful ,,,( so he can watch the football match tonight no doubt ) haha ,,

  • oh no hope the pills work quickly for you , I hate football ,

  • Thanks ,, me to but being married to a Geordie means football , , can't really complain ,he looks after me and I always get a cup of teat at half time ,

  • not a can of Newcastle brown ale then he must be a part time Geordie

  • Haha back in the day yes he enjoyed his Newcastle brown ale ,,,but the last few years he's Tee total,,,,needless to say I'm not ,

  • well I suppose some one got to stay sober to carry you home

  • I always find my way home ,, in fact I'm usually at home and everyone comes to me ,,

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