Ventolin ABUSE Kills

Ventolin ABUSE Kills

That was STARK warning i got from lung doctor.

I asked FOR ventolin nebulas and lung doc refused saying if i feel need for them i need to be treated in hospital.

Told me 1,300 died as result of self medicating using ventolin WHEN the should be treated in hospital AS the masking SERIOUS infection or asthma attack.

I use a spacer with my ventolin AND doctors are now saying thats best only way I remmber time the said you dont use ventolin ith spacer.

Funny how things change ANYWAY i lost my spacer and had refular blast of my ventolin with out spacer AND i did feel like i was going to die.

Heres intresting read some might of read already.

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  • Scary! My daughter has Asthma/allergies, but treats it like a joke; not taking her brown preventer; i always tell her she must take it, but she doesn't seem to bother hardly at all; i shall remind her again, today!

  • Hi Jeff, I have problems if I take too much Ventolin.

    But I know if I need more than usual for me that it's time to get help...but my A and E is only 5 minutes away. ( at the moment that is.....a bit of a cloud hanging over it)

    But some people need bronchodilators on a regular basis.

  • Good info there JAS. Take care and thank you. Xxxx

  • Thanks for passing on the results of research Jeff, it is a bit scary as said, because some people don't realise how dangerous Asthma can be in a severe attack. Enjoy your day speak again soon . How is your dad ? better than last week I hope ....

  • I have COPD / asthma/ chronic bronchitis prescribed Ventolin using it for the past 5 months only for rescue inhaler I hardly ever use it because my asthma is managed quite well and I'm thankful for that but I really do appreciate the information and I'll remember to make a note of discussing it withmy dr. When I seehim

  • I have a spacer and use it when I'm really breathless or I have a chest infection

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