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I was in the hairdressers yesterday talking to the lady in the next chair as you do. She was commenting on my chesty cough. I have got infection at the moment but cough all the time. It turns out we both have asthma and bronchiecstasis. I take doxycycline daily as well as other meds. The other lady said she only coughed when she had a chest infection, and she took an antibiotic three times a week. It began with 'a' but I can't remember it's name. I'm looking for help here because I know there are people here who take the same med.

Hope you all have a happy, Christmas.

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Amoxicillin, is that the one?

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Thanks, but not the one.

Azythromycin is the one. Given three times a week to try to help protect against infections.

Hope your hair looks nice, that you feel better soon and have a good Christmas. Sue x 🎄

Thanks Sue, that's the one. My hair looks good, nut will be back to its normal untamed look after Christmas. I also have RA and problems with my shoulders and wrists means I can't blow dry my hair so I go for the wash and go look!

Have a good Christmas.


Blow drying hair is exhausting! Sorry about your RA - not what you'd chose to have. Does it make your breathing and coughing more difficult?

I don't think my RA affects my breathing. I've had it since 2004 and asthma and bronchiecstasis were diagnosed in 2012, but the Drs don't think the breathing problems are made worse by the RA. I have some very nice consultants, easy to talk to. The lung man tells me I'm a tricky patient because he hasn't yet found a way to get my breathing under control!

That can't be much fun, Helen. Have you seen a physio to help with breathing exercises?

No I haven't seen a physiology.

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Hi watfordgirl

I don't post much but log on and read everyday. Your posts and replies are always good informative and correct. Are you medically trained.


Azithromycin 250mgs taken on 3 days out of 7 as a prophylactic, if you do happen to get an infection whilst taking it then you cease and take another antibiotic for the infection.

Deffo not amoxicillin

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That's the one, thanks. I'll mention it to my lung man when I see him on January 4th.

I also take it but I take for seven days a week for nine months of the year.

I was at my Doctors recently I was sitting next to a guy in his 60s COPD he recommended this site

Did you tell him about the naughty step? x

no he told me 😆

I was on Azythromycin for 6 months this year but had to keep stopping when got infections, have been on Doxycycline for 4 months and no infection, it is just what works for you.

The antibiotic is AZITHROMYCIN I TAKE ONE ON A MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, but I still get chest infections x

Thanks for your help.

Probably azithromycin

I have chronic Asthma, bronchietasis and copd. Im on Azithromycin three times a week it keeps most of the infections away but now and again I have to take a penicillin basd ab to kill off the little sneaky bugs that get into my lungs. But it did not stop the constant coughing, about a year ago my consultant put me on 10mg predisilone a day which has helped and although I still cough it is not 24/7. Unfortunately the side effects for me are not nice but at least I can get about a bit now and are no longer confined to home.



I take Azithromyacin 3 times a week, if that helps.

Good luck with it all. I have heard that some doctors only prescribe this in the winter months, but I get it all year round. I still get some infections but perhaps less than I would without them.

I hope this helps

Love K

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I’ve now been on azithromycin since August last year and it’s brilliant. My life has completely changed. Prior to starting it I’d had a cough since 2012, and tried all sorts of meds. The cough stopped after about a month on the new antibiotic and I’ve only had one chest infection- not bad enough to take my rescue meds. My lung man suggested I have a break during the summer months.

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