Hi everyone I'm so angry with myself!!

Hi everyone how are you all? So I got a call yesterday telling me that I have emphysema! I'm only 28! I'm now so angry with myself as I've not looked after myself for the past year from when I started getting ill! I smoke but I am quitting! I'm totally shocked! I have to now wait for a appointment with a consultant as my gp's are baffled by my results and I still don't understand what is going to happen to me!! I am so scared and I really don't want to google! I work in care and have felt with this condition I'm just scared it's going to be me sitting in that chair with oxygen and barely able to do nothing as I struggle having a lengthy conversation and running up and down the stairs! Is every case the same? Xx

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  • Hi and welcome Dolly,

    Don't be hard on yourself, hindsight is a wonderful thing and we would all have done things differently had we known what was to come.

    Also don't google - every one is different and you will probably only add to your anxiety, which it's only natural to be feeling right now.

    Quitting the ciggies will help a lot while you wait to see the consultant. Your GP has acted promptly in referring you for a specialist opinion to investigate further. There may be genetic factors involved as you are very young to have been given this diagnosis. Much can be done whatever the test results show.

    Hope you get your appointment soon.

  • Hi, welcome to you.

    You'll only become what you describe if you don't give up smoking ASAP. I wish you the best with that, I understand it's quite tough but your GP should support you through it.

    Aim for regular exercise, heathy diet, healthy weight, keep a good immune system and avoid people with bugs.

    Yes you are very young to have it, perhaps you were brought up within a smoking household. I hope you'll be mild in which case you've got every chance of a fantastic life if you can make some changes - you're so worth it !

    People say they control their COPD not that it controls them.

    Ask your GP for the Alpha 1 deficiency test. It's a simple finger prick I believe. You could google but only UK sites. NEVER American ones.

    All the best. Peege

  • Welcome to the site Dolly. It's natural to be worried when given a diagnosis that could affect the rest of your life so I can understand your anxiety. Please don't google, you will only give yourself more to worry about. Definitely give up smoking - it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself - and lots of us on here have looked back and wished we hadn't started but it is what it is and we can only work on improving things now. Good luck with everything, I hope it all works out for you x

  • I've had a lot of internet connection problems lately and have missed some posts on the day they were shown. Belated best wishes for when your treatment starts after Christmas, Jaynair.

  • Thank you :) x

  • Great replies Dolly and l just want to welcome you to the site. You take care and remember we are here for you and you do have a future, don't forget that. Xxxxx

  • Hi Dolly, just to add to Peege's excellent post above, Alpha 1 is a form of copd which is caused by a deficiency of Alpha-1-Antitripsin - I think it's an enzyme (happy to be corrected here :) ) and a deficiency of this explains why copd occurs in younger people. If by any chance it comes back positive, please insist on being referred to a consultant as it sounds like your GP doesn't know about it.

    Please do quit smoking - there's an HU quit smoking community here and you would get a lot of support. Good luck :)

  • Good afternoon Dolly,

    I really can't add anything. You have some brilliant advice from the others. What an amazing site this is. If you didn't know of us you could just be struggling along and worrying about your next move.

    All the very best to you. Let us know how you get on?

  • I will definitely let you all know the outcome I'm so glad I found this page I know now it's not all doom and gloom x

  • Thank you so much for all your comments it's great to know I'm not alone!:) I'm waiting to see a consultant asap so I will know more then I just hope they got it wrong ( we can hope) smoking is done as of today! It's going to be a huge struggle but I want a long life!:) thanks again!:) xx

  • Hi Dolly and welcome. So sorry to hear your news and so young at 28.

    I was diagnosed at 42 I gave up smoking with the help of champix. It is a tablet I took mine at night before bed you continue to smoke while taking the tablet. After 9 or 10 days I gave up smoking that was over 10 years ago.

    It is the best thing I ever did good luck you will always get support on hear 😊

  • Thank you! I've asked for help a lot for stopping smoking in the last year since I started getting ill and I've tried a lot of things! Wasn't ever offered champix! But now I think the shock of what it's done to me and looking at my children is enough to stop me now! 10 years is a long time that's great well done you!:) xx

  • Thank you if you need help we are hear 😊

  • didnt know you were a smoker, I am more of a holder now, waste of tobacco but who cares. Everyone I know who used Champix turned into a witch, mood swings, depression that is why I haven't tried it. Im a big enough witch by myself dont need help. I guess you were on a mission lol

  • Hi bandit don't think champix had that effect on me 😆 although GB might agree with you.

    I'm pleased I did it knowing what my breathing is like now if I lit up now I would be on the floor coughing my guts up. I went in to the town centre today and everyone stands outside smoking and you have to fight your way through the smoke to find the doors 🚬👃👅

  • Haha I'm going to try cold turkey I'm doing ok so far I'm using the losengers I just hope my moods don't get to bad as it's Christmas n kids don't need to see a grumpy mum they already deal with a poorly 1! So I'm trying to keep smiling for them!:) x

  • At least you are gracious about it, smokers who quit are the worst for pointing fingers, how quickly they forgot that they used to stand around smoking and puffing. I know I have to quit and Im pretty sure my next surgery I will quit again from fear of losing half my face, that was what motivated me the first time. You were lucky if the pill didn't turn you because all the people I knew holy smoke Jekyll and Hyde looked good compared to their swing moods lol

  • Hello Dolly. It is a shock isn't it? I am sorry you got that diagnosis. I know from others that it is hard to quit smoking too. I can imagine the amount of stress you have at the moment. Please don't google. It just makes everything worse and there is no way google can make any predictions about you and your case. See your consultant and take it a day at a time. It will be okay. *BIG HUG*

    Cas xx

  • How were you diagnosed? Was it by spirometry results?

  • So sorry for my late reply! Yes it was I go to see a consultant today so will know more

  • I'm 44 with stage 3 emphysema and a lung capacity of 45% so I understand how you feel.If you ever want to talk I'm here maybe we can share experiences and treatments.It is very scarey but try to keep calm people even at my stage can live for a very long time I panicked badly and just sat in tears for weeks but it really doesn't help, just makes you feel worse don't mean for that to sound bad it will take time for you to adjust to the news and learn to cope we all go through it but we all support one another and the people on here have really helped me as I'm sure they will you.Please don't google anything as it will upset you as the information on google is a lot of rubbish, just talk to people on here who have lived with the disease for many years who in my opinion know more than the doctors.Hope this helps and take good care of yourself but most of all please stop smoking, it took me three years to stop which is why I deteriorated so quickly, eat healthy and exercise as much as your body will allow and you will feel a bit better.All the best.x

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