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Spiro test results

New here and a little confused. Had a spirometrry teat done and the nurse told me that my results show lung disease but she couldn't confirm if I had copd as she is not allowed to. I have to go see my Gp and show him the print out she gave me .

The results are

EVC. 79%pr

FEV1 74 %PR

FVC. 87 %PR

PEF. 82 %PR

Fev1/vc 81.1

Fev1/fvc 73.9

Fet 4.00

Lung age 71

What does this mean ???

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Hi it sounds like you didn't see a respiratory nurse but just a normal one. They haven't been trained to interpret spirometry results which is why she said you have to see your doctor.

Your figures do indicate copd though but the only one I really understand is the FEV1. This is your lung function. 74% means you are at a very early stage so please don't worry too much (easy to say I know). Copd at this stage is not a death sentence and the chances are if you lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of your lungs you will reach a ripe and healthy old age.

I was diagnosed at around this level at the age of 54. I am now in my 60's and my lung function hasn't deteriorated at all since then. In fact the doctor said old age would get me first. Please don't google indiscriminately as there are so many scare stories but stick to recognised sites like this.

You have done exactly the right thing joining us as we are the ones who live with it and can offer you lots of support and advice. Oh and nice to meet you and welcome to the site. x


Thank you coughalot2 . I had been told by my Gp last November 2015 after a bad chest infection he thought I had onset emphysema. But he never did any tests. Now I have this so I will be going to him with the results and hopefully get some clarification as I know all about copd as my mum had end stage and was really bad with it. I honestly don't want to go through what she did.

Thanks for the welcome X I will be staying on this site as people are very friendly and helpful x

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Hi Cough I am so sorry about your poor mum, but don't forget you are not her and there is no reason to suppose you will go through what she did.

I was wondering how old you are? Copd can run in families and there is a rare genetic disorder called Alpha1 Deficiency. Have you ever been tested for it. Normally if you are under around 35 when you contract copd your doctor will do a simple blood test to check. Remember this is rare though but could be worth checking out. It would make little difference to your treatment though.

I am sure loads of others will be in soon to help and to welcome you to the site.

Oh I thing if you want to keep your posts and replies to it more private you need to click on 'community only' when you post. To amend it go into the little downwards arrow at the bottom, click on it, edit, amend your post then click edit response. A little padlock will appear at the top of your post. Some people don't like replying to unlocked posts. x

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I am 45 a smoker ,but not for long , this has given me the incentive to stop. X


Welcome to the forum Cough. You've had great advice from Bev but I will add, you absolutely must STOP smoking for a chance that your lung condition won't progress so quickly.

See your GP & if needed, get the appropriate meds, but in the meantime eat a healthy diet, exercise & stop smoking.

You can get help to do this from your doctor or pharmacist. There's a quit group on HU you could join.

It's your choice though, but the best advice you should take.

Keep well & enjoy Christmas 🎄 & have a Happy New Year 🎉🎊


Welcome to the site, Cough. Bev has given you excellent advice. Maybe you could fill us in a little more about yourself. Are you using inhalers? As Bev said, you are young to have copd, and should have the blood test. What led you to be checked for copd? You are mild and can keep it that way with exercise. Ruby🌹

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You've had some good advice already Cough so I won't add to it, I just wanted to welcome you to the site :) x


Hi Cough

The worst thing you can do is panic. 4 years ago I was diagnoised at 43 years old with 23% lung capacity. I stopped smoking that day and with the help of some fantastic medical staff and what excersice I can manage I am still maintaining 23%.

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Some good advice above. Your results are pretty good. Would just like to say hello and welcome.



Are these the results after a 20 min wait after taking several pulls on an inhaler?

How long have you smoked & how many?

Does your name choice indicate your symptoms? Any others?


Thank you for ur warm welcome everyone X.

I saw my Gp who went over my Spiro test . Apparently he says I don't have copd that I have a reduced fev1 meaning a little bit of restriction. As my fev1/fvc was at 73 % and that copd. Has to be below 70% i don't have it yet. But looking on line it says if below 80% copd should be considered. If there are symptoms which I have . I cough. All the time spit up phlegm. And I am breathless after walking up stairs so much so I feel like my heart is gony beat out of my chest. Although this could just be that I am unfit .. anyways he is sending me to the practice nurse after Xmas for another Spiro test.

I smoke about 20 a day . The Spiro test was that I sat and blew three times into the machine and that was that.

So pretty unsure as what's going on now X

Would like to wish u all a very healthy Xmas and new year xx


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