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Well was AT GP's this morning telling them i need emergency antibiitics.

Told him about FARSE of dads care and how it led to sepsis and shock that caused Acute kidney Injury and Pneumonia THAT is hospitals way of saying sepsis & shock with out being liable.

Anyway i was telling doc the all have pneumonia on dads ward and all coughing spiting and throwing up and i been feeling unwell so i would like emergency antibiotics.

He told me how sorry he was to hear about my dad then give me once over AND told me i was defo at high risk of getting it from there.

And prescribed them in case of emergency.

Its so easy to neglect your self when looking after someone else DON't put your self at risk or out meds during holiday session

After all in medical emergencyyou don't want to be waiting a year for a ambulance

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Great advice.......thank you, and I hope that your dad is making some progress.

Thinking of you both. XXX

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Cheers think sepsis made alzheimer dementia worse he is like vulnerable kid.

But when i left him he was happy said when i leave hospital with him we should come back for day out.

Is not daft asked me to take bed home asked could i get it in my pocket.

Told him yer but your guna have to help.


Bless him! Hopefully he's turned the corner. 😊😊😊 XXX

Am not sure but he's eating drinking BUT keeps pulling is lines out.

Trying my best to gett him home for xmas.


My friend has the same problem with her mum. Really hope that you can spend Christmas at home together. XXX

Guess this lots about BUT i do post as to help others like those that posted before and helped me

Truly sorry to hear off others going threw same is pits when ill ya self and stress anxiety can make your condition worse take breath away


I think people cope really well, because they have to, but it does take it's toll on your own health. It's really good to share your experiences........other people will certainly gain from it. XXX


Good you had a positive reaction from your Doctor!

Do hope Dad continues to feel better xx


Cheers thanks was surprised my self and dad cheered me up.

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Good idea JAS, glad you got your emergency meds. Take care and good wishes to you and your dad. Xxx

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Cheers sassy .. doc said i had cold ear temp 34c usually am 36c

Might be because i ware hat on of for rise drop In temp

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Very sensible to have an emergency pack and mind you don't get caught with that bed in your pocket! xxx

Hi Jeff, I'm glad that you are taking your own advice and looking after yourself and that for once, your doc listened. The stress of worrying about your Dad is making you vulnerable without the added problem of walking into a ward of community aquired pneumonia soup. The sooner that you can get your Dad and yourself out of there the better. It's great that he is much brighter and I do hope that you can get help with him at home. All the best Jeff. I am thinking about you and your Dad.


So true Jeff. Please take care of yourself. All my best wishes to you and your family.

Cas xx 🌹

Well Jeff sounds like your doctor is being a bit more considerate now. Look after yourself, lifes too short to be constantly fighting but a necessary evil that occurs I am afraid . Seems some of us have to fight more than others to attain our rights. Nobody wants to wait unnecessarily for medical services in an emergency but it has become the norm rather than the rareity. Glad your dad is coming along and hope you both have a better Christmas than expected a few days ago, take care, keep warm and have some me time to keep your strength up.... x


Thank you for that very good advice Jeff - I'm glad the dr responded to your concerns. Hope your Dad continues to recover and is soon back home with you x

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Good advice

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