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Quitting smoking

hi all, I hope you are well.

I thought I should come back with an update and to get some advice...

God quitting it's such a terrible experience...

As some of you already know I quit smoking 5 weeks ago while having bronchitis, I took the antibiotics and I was feeling great. then I got a soar throat and I felt that I had like a knot in my throat. Went to the gp and said it's a throat infection and gave me Cefalexin... I am still taking it but I still have the dry sensation and some small discomfort while I try to eat something. then if I speak after a while I get the dry throat again. Is it something anyone experienced before? is it normal? I must admit I never had a throat infection.

then I also have this cough, some times dry till I start getting out the bad stuff... is is normal? how long will it take?

thanks a lot for your answers!

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I gave up smoking over 10 years ago with the help of champix for the first 6 months all I did was cough day and night but that was my body getting rid of all the rubbish .

well done for giving up its the best thing you could of done.


It isn't easy giving up smoking but it can be done. Everybody has a different way of giving up. For me, it was one day at a time, and save the money that would have been spent. I didn't notice any dramatic change apart fronm the changes you report. I was pleased that I didn'thave any "crutches" like e.cigs. (dont think they were around anyway)

I would stress it is so important that you give up, Kenne. Yes, it will be difficult but it can be done. I think it a good idea if you returned to see your GP. They will be able to give you further advice. I wish you a smoke free Happy Christmas XX

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Hi Pergola, so you had the same things I have a the moments? how long do they last? Thanks!


I am not sure what chest condition you have, Kenne, but you need to stop smoking. I noticed the same problems that you report such as sore throat etc, but they improve over a period of time. I have had a stressful time recently. I did look at e.cigs and saw what they cost, walked away without them.

Still think you should see your GP. I am sure they can help you. Or ring the BLF nurse for a chat. Good luck xx

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Well done im 14years free of smoking so I know you can do it I kept busy merry Xmas x

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