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THANK YOU to EVERYONE for msg of support kind words


Well had busy few day's SO am sat here feeling sorry for my dad.

Well my dad had a tramatic hip dislocation and cracked hip THAT ambulance controlers kept him waiting 2 half hour for befour arived at my our home befour he was wisked of for pain relief treatment.

As promised i did indeed get mp out of BED not that the intrested BUTi made him Interested AND said its tottaly unexeptable what is going on with hospital and ambulances.

Told him i dont care who you right to but appoliges dont cut it or bring back those that have diead waiting.

Told him two yesrs ago i waited 45 mins for ambulance re heart breathing issues AND now my dad as to wait 2 half ours CLEARLY things are getting no better SO why as you must have family are you not raising profile crises of whats happing AFTER all its inhumane and people are dieing waiting.

He's responce was we have to starr somewhere SO lets do that first.


Once again i must thank you all that responded to my last post .. All your comments kind words meant so much SO thank you very much for all your surport.


Given my dads hip surgery is it normal to shake have fluids antibiotcs after surgery AM only asking given what i know about sepsis and what i read in he's notes about low BP.

I cant get sepsis out of my head DOCTORs nurses said surgary went very well with out incident.

Not that i have asked them about SEPSIS its just bugging me.

As anyone had hip replaced and been shaking needed antbiotics fluid after surgary OR you think the just taking precautions to stop complications

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I'm afraid I don't really know, but it seems to make sense to give antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

Best wishes to your dad and I hope that he has a speedy recovery.


Hello Jeff. My father on law had a broken hip when he was on his eighties. The doctors thought that would be the end for him but he recovered and lived to see his hundredth birthday.

I am glad you have spoken to your MP. Waiting that long for help is really horrific. The average wait for an ambulance where I live is 8 minutes. If anyone had to wait two hours, heads would be rolling.

Please take care of yourself. I'm sorry things are so hard right now.

Cas xx 🌹

So sorry for for your dad ,and the waiting things aren't improving x


Hi Jeff, I'm glad that your Dad has had his surgery and that they are looking after him now. Giving him antibiotics after surgery is probably a precaution against infection in the wound. It is likely that he is shaky because of the trauma and shock that he has been through. I was shaky for two days after my colonoscopy last week!

Sepsis needs certain conditions to develop. Your Dad is now having his temperature monitored every few hours and so they would notice any change. He is having antibiotics which is another protection. I understand that you have sepsis uppermost in your mind. There is a lot of publicity about it at the moment. If you think about it. Look how many of us live with repeated infections for many many years and do not get sepsis. There seems to be a randomness to it's development that is difficult to predict and control. This is scary. There are signs. High temperature with cold hands, not urinating for 24 hours, constantly sleeping. I am sure that you and Dr Google have a list. Try not to worry too much. It will wear you out and that is not good for your own health and in turn, your ability to help your Dad.

I do hope that he continues to improve. Before he leaves hospital try to get some help in place from social services for when he gets home. The lady next door broke her hip and the nurses were arranged through the hospital.

I am sure that there are other members who know better than me how to arrange this.

Dear JAS l am thinking of you and your dad and do feel that shaking is part of the dementia. I only say that because my MIL shakes and also had low BP at times - she has Alzheimers.

It's good that your dad is on antibiotics as they should help prevent an infection.

Try not to worry and be as well as you can too. Take care and hope your dad will recover well.


Hi Jeff

Mr V has had both hips replaced over the last two years. They did give him AB as a precaution afterwards, and IV fluids.

The strong pain Meds they also gave him afterwards made him shake for a few days, but thankfully he had good care and is making good progress.

So sorry to hear about your Dad's dreadful experience, it was inexcusable....but let's hope now he is in ' the system ' , he gets the treatment he so rightly deserves.

Sending big hugs to you and your dad


Did you get chance to ring County Council about a Carers Assessment for yourself and your father? I hope so. We are sending you strong calming thoughts to help you cope with the weeks ahead. Please do contact them as your father needs to have everything in place to help him before he comes out of hospital.

I'm glad your Dad's had the treatment he needed Jeff but it's absolutely awful that he had to suffer so long before he got it. Good on you for contacting your mp, they're there to represent us and take up our concerns with the way things are being run... Wishing your Dad a speedy recovery x

I am so sorry to read about what has happened to your dad, Daz. It is shameful and shocking. I do hope he is recovering well now. Hugs and very best wishes to you all. xxx

I started fitting immediately after my recent knee replacement - they gave me some meds which stopped it, and told me it was due to the anaesthetic, but it was quite scary. Am wondering if your father is shaking as a result of the anaesthetic & it will clear up soon (it takes a while to get rid of the anaesthetic from your system). Hope he's feeling better soon, Try to stay positive for him.

Hi Jeff

The hospital should have a discharge policy to ensure supports are in place prior to your dad being sent home. You as your dads carer should also have your needs assessed to ensure you have the support to continue to care for your dad


Your father is being monitored in hos[ital, precautions are being taken to keep him stable. The signs of sepsis are very clear indeed and you would see Doctors and nurses running to your father's bed. I have seen it happen twice. In both cases recovery was swift thanks to antibiotics.

If you are not happy with your MP try writing to the Prime Minister, then your complaint will be passed to the Minister in charge.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad Daz, it really is a crying shame that he had to wait. It used to be routine to have antibiotics for operations so I hope that's still the case & he'll soon be on the mend. P

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