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5k Race update (still 5 weeks to my spirometry test!)


Just a quick update. Did my 5k Park Run in Kings Lynn last Sunday. 34.04, that knocks 0.04 off my PB, which surprised me as have been ill for previous 3 weeks with a cold, cough and chest infection. Was exhausted on the Sunday, as we also did a 5 mile walk along the coast (on the Sunday). Note to self, need to plan rest days after a run! Don't think it was any harder than previous 4 x 5k's so will continue to train, as next one is in January. Have been put on a healthy diet by my partner and have lost 7lbs already in the last 3 weeks (although some of that could be attributed to my cough) but none the less 7lbs is a healthy loss. (am not heavy anyway 10st 5lb (5ft 6") but would ideally like to lose a few pounds more)

Am counting down to 4th Jan 2017 which is the first time I can have a spirometry test. Will be nice to get a more accurate diagnosis as opposed to just an x-ray!

hope everyone is well



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Hi Alison. Well done you........brilliant result........great achievement.

Good luck with the spirometry. January will be here before you know it.

Take care, and don't forget to rest, lol. 😊😊😊 XXX

Well done Alison but please remember to take things easy too. Good luck to you. Xxxxx

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