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Hi all, I've got mod copd normally cope quite well, can go shopping, housework etc without getting too out breath. Got my first flare up started 2 rounds abs and one of steroids, had X-ray, def no infection. Caught seasonal cough been like it 3 weeks I'm so short of breath, even getting out of bed or going up stairs I'm gasping. Is this normal with no infection just a cough ? On fostair and spirivo inhalers. My doctors are pretty useless giving advice, hoping someone can tell me if this is normal and how long flare ups last. Thanks all

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  • If your coughing a lot is normal to be breathless but could be having reaction to something as this no reason.

    Coughing a lot and Exarbration are fine thing IF you can't string sentence out should go doctors.

    You might be having reaction to inhaler or could be tad lung sensitive if getting over infection

  • Hi, maybe take a sputum sample in to docs? If you don't have a pot, ring docs and ask for a couple. (My docs don't readily hand them out unless asked.)

    I too have a bad cough but mine is constant, though it's much worse when in exacerbation.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  • Good advice Linjones so hope you feel better soon. Xxxx

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