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Im new :-) pain when breathing deeply

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Hey everyone. im new. came here as ive lurked alot. and you all seem like a knowledgable bunch :-).

So about two weeks ago I suddenly devolped apain in my top left rib. under my breast. if I lay lie on the sofa with my back against the arm rest it hurts when I breath in if I lean over to tie my shoes same again or bend forward just leaning on the kitchen counter. I can feel it. when I breath deeply it hurts alot. I cant pinpoint if its coming from the back or front as it feels like it affects both.

I got a cold last week. which is clearing up now.

I mentioned it to my doctor and she said its just inflammation.

But im not convinced. as two weeks is along time for me.

I guess im worried as I work with dogs in a confined area. breathing in alot of hairs, dirt dead, skin (dog groomer 10 years) and ive heard of a condition called white lung disease.

Sorry for the long winded post


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I had a similar pain for a couple of weeks a few months ago,seen the doc same explanation.Turns out I had a small muscle pull on the right side of my chest. Not saying it's the same but it is worth a thought.



Welcome, now you have decided "un- lurk" 😂

If you had this pain before your cold, it probably isn't connected with it.

Many things could be the cause of your pain....You may have pulled a muscle, perhaps while struggling with one of your 'clients' 🐩

As you are still in pain, l would see your GP again, who should be able to distinguish between a pulled muscle or a lung problem.

Good luck, and l hope you get it sorted.



Good luck to you and go back to your GP if not feeling better soon as need to get it checked out again. Xxxx


Welcome to our site.😁 Don't believe you mentioned if you're coughing or short of breath. I would go with muscle strain. See if ibuprofen helps your pain. Please let us know how your feeling. Ruby🌹


Welcome to the site, hope you get sorted soon :) x


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