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Outside breathing


I took my dog out for his walk which i do most days. I go on a park and do a bit of throwing his ball, this I do till i find the cold hurts my breathing. I then get back on my scooter and take the dog for a round round the park, he likes this he never goes very far away from me. . Then i take him for a casual walk home. I am struggling now as it hurts round the bottom of my ribs. I thought it would have eased of by now but no such luck. So this means no more work for me the house work will have to wait.

Hope you are all keeping warm and easy breathing. XXX

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You take it easy fastball and feel better soon. Gentle hugs to you. Xxxx

Can you wear a muffler( even a thin one ) around your mouth so you dont take in too much cold air.

You take care cold weather always makes my breathing worse even if I'm indoors

Take care


you might find something like this help you can get cotton one they are thinner , it helps warm the air before it goes in your lungs , this one is just an example , cold air plays my lungs up. ebay.co.uk/itm/Multi-Use-Mo...

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Just looked at this. £12.99 for delivery!! Don't think l would like to wear something like myself. lf you would then l would look eleswhere to get it, maybe a sports store. Regards.

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its free economy postage for uk ,but are loads of other on ebay with free postage as well

I have the same problem.

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....and me.

I hope the good days are more than the bad. Very frustrating but I do the work when I can these days. Try to keep smiling

Cotton? Hmm, Cotton fiber can be one of the causes of COPD. Is this cotton a good choice?

Hi fastball I know how you feel ,,,,,a little ,,,,I went out shopping yesterday ,,,the coldest day of the year by far ,,,,,spent today in bed ,,,,take care ,

The winter months are always a struggle I find hope your feeling better soon x

thanks for all the replies. I dont go if its raining. I have always been an outdoor person. I used to work on Leicester market which is outdoor. Today is Sunday and all i have done is cook dinner which i must say was beaut... and now i am sitting down.

thanks again and all of you look after yourself.


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