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A poem for the Queen - OUTSIDE IN

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This morning I misread a newspaper headline which I thought read: “Queen’s coffin seen for final time after being lowered into the Royal yacht.” I had misread yacht for vault, but the thought of sailing off into the sunset was quite pleasing, and led me to writing a poem which I have called “Outside In.”


Sail away Your Majesty,

You are outside the box,

Outside of time and ticking clocks,

Outside of whirring cogs and springs

Outside of ordinary things.

Outside of space,

Outside of out,

Outside yourself, but still within.

No orb or sceptre hold you down

The universe is now your crown.

Outside of colours

Outside of sound,

And for all eternity

Not lost

But found.

40 Replies
sassy59 profile image

I love that David and I’m sure Her Majesty would have approved. Very well written, thank you. Xxx

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to sassy59

Thanks Carole - it kind of just came to me, a few lines at a time! (I spent all of yesterday watching on BBC 1. Just wondeful. )

Morrison10 profile image

Very good. Like idea of Royal Yacht sailing off into distance with Queen on board, peace for ever as she deserves. Jean x

Don_1931 profile image

I like that David the thought and the poem. 🤗

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Don_1931

Not a fan of vaults. I hardly ever use underground trains! I hope Puss enjoyed the days viewing. I'm glad you liked it Don; I was taking a few risks. 🙏

Don_1931 profile image
Don_1931 in reply to Greenthorn

It worked well. I always relate vaults to whisky, I don't know how that happened.

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Don_1931

I sure could travel on the underground with a bottle of Laproaig malt whisky! Imagine sharing that with a carriage if one was stuck in a tunnel!

Morrison10 profile image

I spent yesterday watching TV even managed the two hours of Nebulising and also using spirometer watching as best could! Over used the pause button! Cursed being born with this rare problem PCD. Back to normal today, domestics etc. Hope you have good day. Jean x

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Morrison10

You did well Jean. I switched from Sky to BBC 1. I find Kay Burley so caustic and Hugh Edwards on BBC 1 was just perfect and guests coming up with such lovely anecdotes. I'm sure I saw "Emma", one of the Queen's ponies, bend a knee as the carriage passed on the long road to Windsor Castle. Lovely to see two corgis there as well. I thought the hymn singing was out of this world - I loved the last verse of "Love divine, all loves excelling" with altered harmonies and soaring descants. But a long, long day. Hopefully, today will be restorative. X

leo60 profile image

I love the sentiment behind your excellent poem!! I think I will opt for the yacht instead of the vault, given the choice of course! xx

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to leo60

Thanks Laurie. I think we would all like the idea of freedom!

Katinka46 profile image

Thank David. Spot on. I just love it.


Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Katinka46

Smashing Kate. I can relax now! XX

Katinka46 profile image
Katinka46 in reply to Greenthorn

I came across a lovely poem by Malcolm Guite. It was written for a friend who had accompanied his father to a funeral when he (MG) was suddenly called away. His father was frail and so mortality was in the air, as it were. I shall send it to you. Kxx

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Katinka46

Thanks Kate. It is lovely. And so personal. A real touching point.

Damon1864 profile image

What beautiful words a lovely way to remember our lovely Queen. Thank you for sharing have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

beautiful David 👍🏼👍🏼😂

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to

Thanks DaveyBoy. I send my greetings.

in reply to Greenthorn

hi David I hope you have a good day today 👍🏼 . Tube removed tomorrow 😃😃😃😃

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to

Hope its greased with vaseline or WD40.

in reply to Greenthorn

would be better if greeced with Jack Daniels 😂😂😂

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to


Biofreak profile image

So lovely David. No more duties to fulfill. All done.

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Biofreak

Thanks Biofreak. All done indeed!

helenlw7 profile image

That brought a tear to my eye, David. I’m sure our late Queen would have loved to sail off into the sunset to be with he beloved Philip.

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to helenlw7

Thanks Helen for sharing that. I'm sure there is truly a journey ahead for each of us. The fact that we've had so many rainbows is an auspicious start to the Queen's journey.

tomc profile image

A cnnie think what to say, nice ode to the Queen i think well done.

Greenthorn profile image

Yeah, its a bit outside the box innit! Thanks.

Jane2005 profile image

Such a good poem to remember our Queen 🙂

slram profile image

Beautiful tribute.

Caspiana profile image

As I said before this is excellent. xx 🙂

knitter profile image
knitter in reply to Caspiana

Apologies for sidetracking Greenhorns post …..I saw the storm and evacuation of people in Japan .Glad you OK .

Caspiana profile image
Caspiana in reply to knitter

Thank you Knitter. Thankfully my area was left unscathed. xx 🙂

knitter profile image

Sailing free , thank you for the poem and the thought behind it .

I love watching Neil Diamonds you tube …..Jonathan Livingston Seagull ….the bird flying free over the ocean . A soul flying free.

I think someone on this site introduced me to it years ago.

Ergendl profile image

Beautiful. Brought a tear to the eyes.

Maggie_Mae profile image

that was lovely!

MoyB profile image

That's given me a warm glow! Thank you. xx Moy

Pipswhips profile image

that was lovely you should send it to his majesty he might enjot it to.

Izb1 profile image

These are lovely words David for our wonderful Queen and would love to think of her sailing into the sunset. Love divine one of my favourites too. I sang along to a few wrapped up in my blanket x

dunnellon profile image

Beautiful poem! I, too, can appreciate a yacht sailing into the sunset rather than a deep vault. I watched all day. Saw the corgis and her pony. Thought Charles was going to break down when they sang God Save the King. A very impressive funeral for a very impressive monarch.

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