Pneumonia and pleurisy

Was sent to hospital on Tuesday with right side chest pain and a nasty cough that had been there 2 weeks, after X-ray was told I had pneumonia and pleurisy ... First dr said I would need antibiotic ,steroids and pain killers. seen a different dr and given amoxicillin and co codeamol . Seen specialist nurse whi said I would have another X-ray in six weeks and then I was allowed home ., I didn't realise how exchursted I would feel , the cough seems to have turned from coughing gunk up to a dry cough and the pain has got a lot better but still hurts when I lie down . How long will I feel so tired I hate not being able to do anything

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  • Hello Cardally and a warm welcome to the forum. So sorry to read that you are unwell at the moment but hopefully being able to go back home will be a positive. Do you have someone to look after you. Blinking pleurisy is a personal dread of mine as a few years ago I too was in hospital and it is SO painful,especially when combined with a cough! Rest and eat a little as often as you can and take your meds. You will notice that as soon as the antibiotics kick in,you'll start to feel better. However,be kind to your self and try and do as little as possible for the first few days. You will be amazed after a while you will feel better but make sure you finish those antibiotics.Today the gremlins are playing havoc on this site(it happens from time to time) but you will get other caring members offering their support.Take care and let us know how things are going.

  • Hello Cardally, welcome to the site :). Sorry to hear you're not well and feeling so exhausted. Be kind to yourself, get plenty of rest and as Squirrel says, eat little and often. Try some extra pillows so that you can rest or sleep a little more propped up, that may help with the pain. Make sure you take all your meds and if you still don't feel well when they're finishing, go back to your dr. Hope you're feeling well again soon x

  • Thanks for the welcome. Well I'm not coughing anything up now. Got 2 antibiotics left to take but feels like I have phlegm stuck at the back of my throat ... And keep napping lol not been allowed to do anything. Which is the hardest thing for me ... On the plus side I'm getting lots of nice treat foods to snack on

  • My daughter had the same problems a few weeks ago hospital gave only five days antibiotics she had to go back to doctors who gave another ten day lot of a different kind. It took about a month for all the pain to go, she had her follow up x-ray last week.

  • So sorry to hear that you have had pleurisy Cardally. I know from experience that this is a painful illness. I can only repeat look after yourself as it takes a long time to feel really right even after the pain has gone. Don't try to do too much as it can sometimes come back if you are not careful. All the very best to you and get well soon.

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