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Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with Pleurisy. At the start I was having really bad chest pains and it hurt everytime I breathed. I've nearly finished my course of antibiotics and I can breathe so much better now but I still have a heavy feeling on my chest. Has anyone else had this? If so how long does it take to go?


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Hello and welcome Panda44.


Thank you


Hi there, I've had it a few times, always in the same place. I've had broken ribs too and the pain is so similar.

Please don't hesitate to go back to the GP to get it checked. He/she can quickly do this by listening with a stethoscope. Pleurisy makes a rasping scratchy sound instead of silent gliding of the pleural membranes.

My first time I didn't feel at all well after a week of antibiotics, thank heavens the GP said to go back if I didn't feel better, I then had pneumonia. Long story but that really did take a long time to get over.

Go back for a check up - please 😃


Hi, I'm sorry to hear you've had it a few times, it's not nice at all!

I will be going back to my GP if it doesn't clear soon.

Thank you and take care.


Antibiotics keep working for a few days after you finish the course so it should settle down but if not get back to the docs you may need another course ..

Welcome to the forum

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Oh I didn't know that, that's good to hear.

Thank you Mandy6513.


Hello Panda and welcome. My question to you is: Are you coughing and producing any quantities of mucus or gunk? I have bronchiectasis and have had pleurisy as well as tuberculosis. Do you by chance have a runny nose, constantly? Do keep in touch with your GPs about your symptoms and don't hesitate to discuss any other symptoms as well as pain, such as breathlessness.


Hello. I have a bit of a cough, it just seems like a dry cough so I'm not coughing up any mucus. My symptoms are a lot better since the antibiotics, just a slight heavy feeling on my chest. If it doesn't go soon I'll head back to my GP.

Thank you.


Welcome Panda


Thank you. X


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