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Overdue Update on PR

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement regarding PR, it was truly appreciated. I have been somewhat "down in the dumps " of late and it's taking a bit of shaking off, so I've been a bit on the quiet side. However, back to PR. For those of you who joined in the tea and biscuits debate ..........yes, we had them and yes, they were free 😁. We had an hour of introductions and education (which was really good) and then an hour spent on an induction in the gym. This is when I began to feel a little sad because so many people had failed to turn up and there were only 4 of us.

The second session was on Friday, and that was brilliant because I really felt as though I'd achieved something. I worked hard.

Next week two groups are being combined due to the poor attendance. I find this quite staggering when there are long waiting lists in other areas.

Anyway, I can safely say that I think I'll gain great benefits from PR and will probably look to join the gym again when the course has finished. Brave words! Lol. XXX

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Glad you are seeing a benefit from the course.

It is a shame when people fail to turn although there could be many reasons. A simple phone call would allow others to take there place.

My was similar but only five failed to complete the course leaving after the first week.


Thanks Stone.

It's given me the kick I needed. I'll walk for miles, no problem, but I now know that I need to work on my core strength and upper body.

I'll get a lot out of it.


Interesting. There were no "no shows" or drop outs on the course I did. Apart from me. I think it is a very well designed course with excellent support and back up. I would recommend it to anyone.

Well done.

K x

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Thanks Katrina. 100% agree 😊 XXX


Hope you do enjoy PR Pam and hope it all helps to lift your spirits.

Thinking of you. Xxxxx


Thanks Sassy. It's many years since I let it get the better of me. XXX

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😘😘 Pam x

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So pleased for you Pam - Im sure you will find it better and better as time goes on, and hope it will also make you feel happier .

The courses Ive attended (two in 16 years) have always been well attended with no drop outs, but re the issue of 'no shows', our PR team has taken to running taster sessions which weed out those who say "this isn't for me". Strange that people put themselves on the list, want to feel better but aren't prepared to put in the work (cos we know it ain't easy!)

I'm not a gym person but now go to a follow-up PR maintenance session also run by the NHS physios costing Β£3 a week, well worth it and keeps us motivated in the longer term. It's run in the hall of a fabulously refurbed evangelical church which has a lovely cafe attached and several of us have coffee and lunch after each session - really nice as we're all getting to know each other a lot better and are committed to maximising our health.

Good luck with yours Pam :)


That sounds brilliant. I'll have to make enquiries and see if we have anything similar. I'm not keen on the gym, but I need the discipline of an organised arena. The social aspect sounds really good.

Thank you for your good wishes. I appreciate it. XXX


Hello Pam,

I am pleased you are gaining something from the PR. I cannot believe there is so little response in your area when it is such a wonderful programme. I would go all the time if I could, because it helps so much. The people who don't turn up are very silly.

Do you know why you are still feeling a bit glum? Maybe we can help?


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It's a long term thing Jennifer, it just descends for no apparent reason as it's clinical depression as opposed to reactive. Thank you so much for your concern, it's much appreciated. Hopefully the exercise may help with it. XXX


The exercise should help if your problem is clinical - it will release all those lovely endorphins.

I'm sure you'll get such a lot of the course and wish you well with it. By the way, I think the drop out at this time of year might have something to do with the horrid bugs which are doing the rounds. And best that they stay away if that's what it is.

Look after yourself, Sue x


Thanks Sue. I've got great hopes for the PR. I enjoy having a target to work to, and the people are lovely.

Bring on the endorphins, lol. As for the bugs, First Defence is safely tucked in handbag!

Take care. Pam XXX

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Glad you enjoyed the PR course, and hope you feel a bit brighter soon.

The courses I was on had high dropout rates, could be lots of reasons, but there were also people doing an infill session where they had missed a session in the previous course.

I found out that the resp nurses assistant provided the tea and biscuits herself, so made a point of bring in a few packs of biscuits myself to put in the tin.


Thanks stree. I have that in mind, although the drinks (and shortbread, no less) were being dealt with by volunteers. I'll find out more about it this week and find something appropriate to do.

All's good with the PR, apart from very sore arm muscles, lol. No pain, no gain, as they say! 😊


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