Rapid heart rate

Rapid heart rate

Hi everyone. I haven't been on in a while except to read your posts. Hope you are doing well. I have a question, because I don't always believe doctors! I have emphysema (FEV1 29-30) so not quite end stage but very close. On 02 24/7 still independent but now walking is becoming an issue because my heart rate goes so high

I become very SOB! Doc said my blood pressure was high. Lungs were clear so my SOB

Is due to heart. DOc put me on Warfarin to thin the blood and Metoprolol to decrease blood pressure and slow down the heart. I am 76 and weigh 100 lbs. I don''t know how many stones I can throw!! 🤔. Does anyone out there experience this. I even got a "life alert" .

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  • Hi Mooskie, lovely photo by the way. Sorry to read about your health problems and l hope somebody comes on soon to help or try BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 during office hours. That would have to wait until Monday now as it's the weekend.

    Bless you. Xxxxx

  • Thanks for your reply sassy, however, I am in canada.

  • Ok Mooskie l hadn't realised. Love and good wishes though. Xxx

  • Have you had your oxygen levels checked when walking? Being short of oxygen causes a rise in heart rate. As suggested, give the BLF nurses a ring.

  • Yes, have done the walk test and my 02 stays in the 90,s! Very strange

  • Hello Mooskie, your GP didn't give you a lot of information or support, did he? MyFEV1 is lower than yours but I'm not ready to go anywhere yet!

    Just briefly, because I agree about phoning the BLF nurses - you will feel breathless even without a chest infection. Some of this will be due to your heart overworking. The meds you've been put on will slow your heart rate down and you'll find you're less breathless. It will also slow you down - I found that quite hard to accept. But you should feel better. It might also be worth contacting your respiratory nurses to check whether you're on the right O2 flow.

    Don't despair - tweaking and adjusting things can make a lot of difference. And come on here more often, just for a chat if you like.

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue...thanks so much for the encouraging words. I should also add that I just moved too which probably adds to it?

  • I should think it probably does!! Very stressful and really hard work, but hope that you'll be happy in your new home. x

  • Hi wat: I have already seen a Big change in heart rate but my energy level is lower than a weak kitten's! Time??

  • Yup! Takes time to get used to the new meds. It's like walking through treacle -not that I've ever done it, but that was how it felt.

  • Good afternoon Mooskie. You are a beautiful woman and I am so sorry you are having such awful health problems. Do take the advice from Sassy, and wouldn't you just know it....closed for the weekend. Maybe in the meantime someone will call in here and offer you some concrete help. I do hope so, and I also hope you don't have a too bad weekend.


  • Hi Jen...I am taking it easy this weekend and thanks for your response. Hope you are feeling okay. Thank you for the compliment. I had my hair done and make up!! 🤗

  • Hi, I think you need to speak to your respiratory person again Mooksie. Perhaps you need to adjust your O2 when venturing on a walk or a blast of ventolin - only your GP or nurse could really help.

    I realise you're in Canada but I believe BLF help line also advise via email, worth a try, they would pick up an email from 9am Monday, UK time.

    Good luck

  • thanks peeve. I have noticed a big drop in my heart rate since starting,the meds. I was always in the high 90's and up to 115 BPM and now I am down in the 70's !! I will be seeing my respiratory doc soon but it is interesting to notice how these docs just deal with their specialties! Lung docs just send me off to heart doc and vice versa!!! Would love a doctor who looked at me as the complex person I am!!! 🤕 😷😜

  • How high did your heart rate go before you started the medications? You mentioned your heart rate went very high but wondered how high that was.

  • My heart rate has been in the 90's even when relaxed, however, it would jump up to 110-115 BPM if I ate or moved around and I would get very SOB! My 02 sat was good so it is my heart causing me this problem. New meds have brought my rate down to low 70's but still feel SOB and very tired??? Obviously the drug is lowering the beat but the problem is still there. Any ideas???

  • For the most part when I am relaxing on the couch mine is in the 50s-60s and sometimes in the 40s. After a big meal it can be in the 80s-90s even laying on the couch, but in either case it usually goes up to 110-115 just getting up and walking down the hall. I have had a stress test on my heart, an angiogram and an echocardiogram and all came back showing no problems with my heart.

  • Do you get SOB when your heart rate goes up above 100? That is my biggest concern.

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