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I've just been looking through posts about diet. Various people say to have a good diet nut what is a good diet? Someone said it was good to have a lot of protein and fat. That seems odd to me. I take a ppi medication which hasn't done much for my digestive abilities. I have found it advisable not to eat meat or big bits of fish. I eat a lot of fruit and veg, potato, rice pasta etc are all fine. Soya yogurt oddly very definately wasn't. So it is actually quite a low fat diet.

What do others do?

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Diet is all about balance Peter and you seem to have found out what you can eat or not. Pete tends to eat what he likes but in moderation.

Good wishes to you. Xxxx


You seem to have found what works for you Peter and that's good. I think of a good diet as a balanced one that includes plenty of fresh veg and fruit, protein in one form or another - lean meat or fish - and some carbohydrate. I aim for 2 or 3 veggie only days but that's more my preference as I'm not too keen on meat now. I'm sure I've read somewhere that you're plate should be divided into 3 so that you have a third of a plate of each category - could be making it up though lol :). I try to keep sugar intake low but I do allow myself treats now and then, mainly a couple of squares of dark choc or one or two small glasses wine and soda :).


I've heard the 3rds rule too. I always think the posh cooking programmes are incredibly unhealthy. A smear of parsnip puree with half a cow parked on top. Jamie Oliver has the right idea, I like his recipes


Rice do not eat if dieting at all eat water melon in night and a small meal like kids size and toast that is it as my wife has gone from a 28 to a 18 in a year and still loseing it

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I didn't mean diet as in losing weight, I'm just under 6ft and 10st, scrawny. Your diet seems a bit severe maybe. Impressive loss though. I used to work with a lady who had to lose a lot of weight. She was in an office a few miles away so I only saw her once a week. Every week you could see there was a lot less Holly than the previous week. All the staff in her office were girls who were incredibly supportive which must have helped her.


The aim of a good diet is to put in what your body needs... protein lots of for muscle and tissue regeneration

Vitamins and minerals in various quantities




Do all this and stay within your calories allowance (it's plus or minus 250-500 calories) and you shouldn't go far wrong

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Hi petermeachem, You mention you take a ppi medication. Is that for (gerd) acid reflux? I suffer from IBS which also causes me to have really bad (gerd) acid reflux which in turn made my breathing much worse. My doctor prescribed me a bunch of medications to take for the reflux which sort of helped mask my symptoms but I felt the best way was to tackle my diet. I now follow a low fodmap diet which has greatly helped me and I no longer need the medication which my doctor prescribed for the reflux.

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I've never heard of fodmap but found this comprehensive list

I eat from all the lists! Interestingly before I had the ppi I found that onions, cooked but not raw tomatoes and cooked cheese were guaranteed to give me indigestion, so no pizza.

Yes it is for reflux which, I think, can be caused by scleroderma. I take Lansoprazole. The problem is that the results of eating certain foods are quite erratic, sometimes absolutely fine and sometimes very much not so it is hard to come up with a definite good list. Cauliflower is on the bad list, I seem to be fine with that but soya milk is too, that seems to be pretty bad for me. I'm not inclined to be very scientific (have liver twice a week for a month and see what happens) as the results are not nice so I am more liable to put things on my bad list than I probably should.

I'll have a go at eating mostly from the good list and see what happens. Thanks very much for that


The Monash University @ is a good site. They also provide an exellent app for low fodmap foods which I use all the time.

Sticking to Low fodmap diet can be difficult but once you get to know what types of foods trigger your symptoms it can pay off in the end. Well for me it has anyway.

Some fodmap foods are fine if you stick to the suggested servings but having more than the stated serving can cause symptoms. For instance I can eat 4 cherry tomatoes but eating more than that will cause me to have a flair up.

It also gets tricky, for instance, a quarter of a stick of celery can be tolerated but if I were to put that with the cherry tomatoes within the same meal. then I may suffer.

Wheat has been a big issue for me too. I can eat 1 slice of normal white bread on low fodmap but I tend to stick to gluten free bread without any problems at all.

I also did a search on scleroderma and found a few references who recommended the low fodmap diet so I hope it works out for you.

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