I'm another newbie. Am in the process of being diagnosed with probable COPD, not sure which particular one. Usual slow onset of breathlessness which suddenly accelerated over a weekend, very scary! Initial X-ray showed a shadow in left upper lobe, repeat X-ray this week and I'm now waiting to see GP. I'm gradually finding my way around here and look forward to joining in posts.

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  • Hi madbird (love your name :) ). Nice to meet you. COPD is an umbrella term for emphysema and chronic bronchitis though some do put asthma in that category as well. You might well not be told which one you have as doctors tend to lump it all as copd because the treatment is the same especially in the early stages.

    It is usually diagnosed via a spriometry test where you blow into a machine. I presume you have had this? A chest x-ray should also be done too.

    This is a very friendly and informative site so feel free to jump in anytime as there will always be those to support and advise you.

    I do hope though that you don't need to as you haven't got copd.. x

  • 😊Hello coughalot2 and thank you for your kind welcome. I'll get back when I have more info. X

  • Yes keep us updated please Madbird. x

  • Welcome Madbird and hope you get some good news but nice to meet you anyway.

    I am carer for hubby Pete who has sarcoidosis and COPD but is generally not too bad.

    Wishing you well. Xxx

  • Hi Madbird

    Welcome as I tell everyone the key is to keep positive use this site regular you don't have to keep posting just by logging in and you will pick up loads of useful tips, and before long you will also find yourself trying to help others, please get back when you have your diagnosis, just remember all of us on this site have had to go and get our diagnosis and I bet all of us was devastated, but we all came through it with the help of this site,


  • Welcome x

  • Good morning madbird, and a warm welcome to the Site. Good answer from coughalot, sassy and petermichael . See - a post is never alone for very long on here before someone comes along with a helpful and friendly response. I wish you all the best with your xray results, and look forward to seeing you again. Lovely photograph too:-)


  • Hello madbird, welcome here and nice to meet you. Hope you find a little more about what's going on with you soon. Take care Sue x

  • Greetings Madbird. I can only positively endorse what members of "the family" have already said. Apart from the occasional whinge I'm sure you'll discover, as I have, that reference to this site is helpful, supportive and sometimes very entertaining. It will give you a valuable perspective of the condition and help you to accommodate it. Bon chance old luv. x

  • Greetings and welcome to the group.......smashing pic.


  • Wecome to the site Madbird, lovely photo. Hope your results are good and maybe it might not be COPD. Do let us know how you get on please and hope to chat with you more in the future

  • Hello Madbird must say you look a very happy Madbird!! i also have copd and like you mine "reared its head over a weeend. Im fairly new to this site i go under the name of chrissyrose and i live in wells somerset im ot that great on computers and like you trying to find my way around this site.Iv found the people on it to be very friendly and helpful. Speak soon luv Chris x

  • Hello Madbird, love the name :), welcome to the site :) x

  • Hello Madbird. Welcome, and lovely to meet you. Wishing you good luck at the doctors and please let us know how you get on.

    Take care.

    Pam XXX

  • Hello! and welcome Madbird, what a great name,great photo ,the way you are smiling you have made me smile, I have had COPD for a number of years now but do not know which one i have as doctors seem to lump them all together as copd, anyway you have come to a great site to find people who have different stages of copd and who will help to put you at ease . Keep well

  • I see you got birds if you do have copd then you will have to said a very sorry good as i to had a mix of baids.as they will agravate your chest and you will find some pet shops you will go in and you will not stay in there long same as vets as yesterday i took my 4 pups to them but as soon as i went in i came back out

  • Hi David, I don't actually own birds I just like going out to photograph them, but thank you for the warning about pet shops...I will be careful 😊

  • Welcome Madbird, I would just like to say that there is life with COPD,it's not the end of the world if managed correctly, but I must stress that you need to gain as much info as possible ask as many questions as you like and push for answers if necessary.

    Hope everything works out for you, there is a wealth of knowledge on this site and if you are unsure of anything please ask, someone here will have the answer


  • Hello and welcome Madbird

  • Welcome Madbird, lovely photo & I love your top☺

  • 😊Oh what a lovely warm welcome, thank you all so much! I can see I have a lot to learn about managing my "condition", which I will know more about next week. I'm sure I'll get used to it, lol. I already manage my Insulin dependent diabetes, Gluten intolerance and chronic depression, so what's one more between friends.

    Once again thank you, I'll keep in touch. Geri xx

  • Hi Madbird and welcome to the forum, a lovely friendly bunch here, I certainly enjoy the chats and lots lots more . Good luck with your results come back and let us know . 😊

  • It's lovely to meet you Madbird, huff x😀

  • Hi Madbird and welcome love the picture

  • Hi Mad bird, I wish you the best at your appointment. I know how scary it can be to have such shortness of breath that you end up in emergency . let us know how you fare.

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