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FUMMING And Back At GPs RE DNA And What Constitutes A Condition & Illness

Well today i was delt a blow by so called GPs that dont understand DNA or for that mater WHAT constitutes a condtion.

My report says i have impaired folate metabolism mthfr 11794419 and or mutation rs1801131 mthfr

Also vitamin D Deficiency rs2282679(A;C)

And carrier of Cystic Fibrosis allele i5010812(D;I)

So one as to ask dose that constitute illness diseases or condition DNA mutations.

Am sure its not me but those so called GP's and what they know or don't with regard DNA genetic diseases illness.

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I hate it when they always have to put I hope u find this helpful when it clearly aint.

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Defo agree with you there well taking mick are.

All being showing them how useful is when i go on about treatment am receiving for issues symptoms been suffering highlighted.

What they want me to do jobs for them.

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I agree Reiver.

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hello toci how r u nice to hear from ux

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Not great, but plodding on. I hope you are well.

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Sorry to see that JAS just when it seemed things were coming together. What now?

Be as well as you can. Take care. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy cheers am going to clarify few issues and see what they say.

After all cant get no clearer than black n white

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hi usually the terminology of,, i hope u find it usefull in laymans terms its like two fingers to us, thats the best we can offer, hope u find it of any use, few uses really but unprintable/


So tru poppy and thats why am fumming really.

Obv the no nothing about binary or dna guess al have to ask to see medical qualfactions as its unbelievable.

After all its my right to be ignorant and am sure its whats expected SO why disappoint :)


Take care JAS and things will work out one day. :)


Hi Toci Cheers yer am hoping be sorted tomoz or all throw my toys out of me box.

And get in-touch with NHS clinical commisning group.


try not to get too upset over it u have a few probs at minute.


I have to agree with others Jeff this sounds like a typical fob off letter or up you mate reply. But a reply none the less which are hard to challenge so where do you go from here I do not know, but good luck with getting it sorted.

I must say I don't understand all that dna stuff, over my head. What symptoms do you have?

All far too complicated for me but am not sure you really have enough real knowledge to argue your case with medical profession. What qualifications do you have?

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You dont need quailfications just have to understand how your body works.

Things wont change till doctors look beyond treatment of symtom and start treating cause.

Heres interesting read if interested.


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Have read, interesting but don't see relevance to your case. Perhaps I am stupid or you are a little obsessed!

All not answer that

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