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Immunotherapy Give's Olympian Edge Over STAGE 4 Lung Cancer

ONE Remarkable story given late diagnosis and Immunotherapy.

One decorated athlete, a blindsiding diagnosis, an innovative method of eradicating lung cancer — this is Jeff Julian’s remarkable story of surviva

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It's a good advert for the pharma but that does not take away from the fact that it is a remarkable story. Thanks JAS for sharing. x


Hi toci defo remarkable i could count on one finger those that survive stage 4

Defo lot more to this Immunotherapy than let on.

I think is same as dna vaccines cell encoding.

But i can say that with being uneducated BUT if i ever need it all be sure to ask.

Can't count how many storys of chemo i read WHERE people have thought two cycles of radio therphy is going to cure them WHEN im reality is palative cycle

If my doctor ever said i would be insulted if offerd two.

Anyway here is good read if have time as tad long

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MY daughter is a researcher, in this field basically it uses manufactured antibodies "mab"s you will find that the name of most immunotherapy drugs end with "mab" some have to be individually tailored to specific patients some are theraputic for all. eg the immunotherapy drug used for skin cancer. However they are all unbelivably expensive to produce.

They are live antibodies and have to be grown in cells, there is little or no mass production due to the difficulty of using large vats of hamster cells to produce them and the skills needed. This is a new field which shows great promise for the future, Its happening now for some people, fingers crossed for approval and mass production methods to be developed.



Hi cheers defo one developmeant am glad is happing.

I often wondered why the cant take cells from when healthy then if out crops up replant them.

As to my injections i think but not 100% the range in price from £8000 - 13000k per injection or curse of 3

I gues thats why trying antbitiots as cost pennies

Was also reading can have millons of antibodes but if have no immuty mean's nothing QUITE surprised me that.

Guess thats when get into relms of sepsis gut inflamation.


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